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  • I’m using the Genesis frame work with the church theme. What do I exactly have to do to disable “what’s new” in profile?

    Unfortunately, the above has nothing to do with fixing it, and we are still without a resolution :(

    Unfortunately, the above has nothing to do with fixing it

    I had the exact same issue here
    After upgrading to 1.5
    the update crashed my site, and presented a blank page, where I could not log into the admin consule.

    Thank god I used the plugin EZPZ Backup to restore

    However, after restoring, The activity Stream here,, is not working

    Activity is not being displayed and the entire right side is missing widgets and formatting.

    Any ideas’ on how to fix this and resolve it?

    I tried contacting Studiopress but they wanted me to purchase a product that did not Guarantee a resolution


    On here the Activity stream seems to be busted, any ideas on how to fix?

    I’m having the same issue here

    I have not discovered a solution either, as the only result was by Studiopress telling me I need to buy their GenesisConnect Product.

    I told them there is no Guarantee purchasing their product would fix this issue

    Any ideas on how to resolve this Activity Stream Bug here

    Thank you

    Any ideas? I’m going bonkers over here

    Activity is not working on the site

    Margins and formatting is all out of whack

    Any ideas?

    What is the name of the plugin? I am having the same issue as discussed in this post.

    How does this look now on ?

    I had to fix the bottom one since the recommendations put the bottom Featured article all out of wack.
    Would there be a way to isolate the bottom feature to have unique dimensions?

    Thanks for the rapid response.
    how to increase/decrease number of words/characters in the featured excerpts.
    That’s controlled in the widget, I currently have both columns set to “140”

    While you’re there, might as well get find limits for the title for featured articles
    That’s under limit title to __ characters

    I will try the mod and post the results here :)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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