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Activation Code after New Member Registration

  • jonnylons


    Using WordPress 3.0.1 and Buddypress 1.2.5.

    After a member signs up, they get a confirmation email, which they click on and are directed to sign in. But new members are also instructed with the following message:

    Activate your Account

    Please provide a valid activation key.
    Activation Key: ___________

    This can be ignored and new members are still signed up. Does anyone know what generates this message? Sorry if this is a repeat but I can’t find a solution.

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  • Boone Gorges


    I’m surprised to hear that the members are still able to log in, even if they don’t click on their activation link. That shouldn’t be the case.

    In any case, you might start your search for the activation key message in bp-core/bp-core-signup.php. The function bp_core_signup_user() creates the activation key and hands it off to bp_core_signup_send_validation_email(), which creates the email. The content of that email message is filtered, so that you should be able to change the message without hacking the core files.

    You sure you haven’t installed a plugin somewhere down the line? Wasn’t there a plugin to disable the activation key process?



    I get the activation email, it is just after you click on the link and sign in you stay signed in but the redirect takes you to a page which asks for a activation code.

    I will check my plugins, that might be the issue.



    Mr Boone.. I have a similar issue.. where activation is not sent…. but I once tried and updated the mailserver_ settings in wordpress.. so I recieved the activation code.. the problem is.. the code I cannot be used to activate the account.. I keep getting “Invalid Key” or “and error has occurred” messages, even though I copy/paste manually..

    what do you think is the case? and is there an applicable fix that simply modifies the core files automatically? or howabout I send you the files that might help you.. and you can look into this issue..

    This issue is standard and doesn’t resolve even after deleting and re-installing Buddypress over and over …



    I’m also seeing the same issue using WordPress 3.0 and Buddypress 1.2.5. Zero BP plugins installed.

    Email gets sent, user clicks on it but still gets the activation code screen. Enter the code results in an error message about the code being incorrect.

    It’s not a very good first impression.

    Thorsten :-)


    Hi Guys!
    It seems it’s a problem with the ‘mod_rewrite’ function under Windows, see

    Had exactly the same problem as mentioned by the OP. To repeat:
    1. User creates account.
    2. Clicks on Activation Link in email.
    3. Gets taken to a page that says Activation Successful. You can now Log in
    4. Logs in (login is successful) but is taken to a page with a message, “Please enter a valid activation Key” with an empty field below.
    5. If the user ignores this, he/she can start using all the BP features.
    6. This message appears only the first time they log in. Doesn’t appear on future logins.

    Have upgraded to the latest WP 3.1.3 and BP 1.2.8 and yet the problems persists. Any ideas.




    I’m having the same problem. Using Genesis with the GenesisConnect plugin. The problem seems to be with BuddyPress. Bump.

    I dig some digging into this problem since I was having it as well. The user’s account is activated successfully when they click the email. The problem occurs when you login from the activation successful page (activate.php). If the user opens another browser and goes to the site homepage to login, there will be no problem. For me, this was happening because the plugin that I was using to handle logins was including a hidden redirect to the source page in the form. So after the user logged in, it was redirecting to activate.php which by default asks you to activate, even if you are logged in.

    So check the html for the form that you use to login and make sure there is no redirect to the source page.

    I’m having the same problem. When I setup a test account then click on the activation email and try to log in it asks me for my activation key. If you do enter it from the email link you get an error. But either way you can move around the site fine.
    I’m not understanding from the last post how to fix this. I’m using the Sidebar Login plugin, if anyone could tell me what to remove/change I’d appreciate it!
    Or is there a way to have it auto redirect to the homepage after the activation link is clicked. That might also fix the problem?

    I was able to get around this problem by installing a login on activation mod. So far that’s working well.

    What is the name of the plugin? I am having the same issue as discussed in this post.

    It’s called BP Autologin on Activation.

    I have a similar issue where users sign up, get the activation email but are sent to a page asking for an activation key to be entered in an input field. One member on this site told me the key is the in the url. Sure, I realize that. But how do the users know that?

    OK so I’ve had the same problem and have built a very clumsy workaround.

    PROBLEM: When the user click the email verification it sends them to verify.php and logs them in to WP but my Buddypress doesn’t know they are logged in and asks them to login. If the user just ignores the login request there is no problem but users don’t do that so they try to login and get the same “error..please provide a valid activation key” message because the account is already active.

    MY RUBBISH ANSWER: The only thing that worked for me was to hide the BP admin bar and handle login links manually then change the text on the verify.php to a simple ‘congratulations, you’re in’ message. The downside of this is that I lost the use of my BP-Sliding-Login-Panel which I love. so I would be very grateful for a real solution to this.



    I am trying to find out about this activation page and activation key that it seems I don’t need but gets added automatically. How did this arise? Can anyone shed any more light please?



    I’m using the latest version of wordpress and budypress 1.5.1 and also suffering from request for an activation key. What can I do about this issue. Cheers, Jack



    Same here… Both last wp and bp versions.

    Seems to be a common and a very disturbing problem. Giving a bug to your users when they have just registered it’s not very good.



    Same problem here…very confusing



    As someone said here, I disabled e-mail activation with an autologin plugin called: “BP Autologin on Activation”. I hope this will be fixed soon anyway.

    even i am facing the same problem.. as soon as a user clicks on the activation link, he/she is redirected to a page where it asks for activation key… how can i solve this problem… i dont want the user to autologin after activation..
    thanks in advance.. :)

    The activation email is not being sent out for my members registering. There is no resend button and members cannot be activated.

    I have the same problem. where is the solution?



    Has anyone come up with a clear solution to this issue? It is a serious problem for people using WP/BP on commercial sites.

    It seems that the “BP Autologin on Activation” plugin works as posted above, but both users who posted about this plugin have had their accounts deleted, which is a bit worrisome as to the safety of the plugin.



    I have the same problem which I will describe as follows

    1. User registers by completing the form [they are at]
    2. They get a page saying – you have registered and please check your email to activiate
    3. Clicking on the link takes them to the page which says “Activate your Account.
    Please provide a valid activation key. With the field ‘Activation key” and the button ‘Activate’.
    Copying the activation key from the email does NOT get rid of this page.
    5. However
    a. checking from and admin account shows that the user has been successfully registered (not surprising)
    b. the user can navigate the sit without restriction – which they could not do before clicking on the activation email. So presumably the account has been activated – but they user is told that they still need to enter the activation key. They can log in and can navigate the site. Only the wouldn’t know that.

    How to fix this? None of the advice above seems much use. Last thing I want to do is instal an unnecessary plug in when presumably this is supposed to work.

    I am update to date with software as follows
    WP 3.4.2
    BP 1.6.1

    Problem observed in Chrome and Firefox.


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