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  • @mercime: thanks! I’ll try this on a non-live site and see what happens. Not sure what I’ll do about it, but might as well try to narrow it down. Thanks again.

    Trying again… anybody know what’s causing this? Sometimes it works two posts and then on the third won’t allow and gives this message. What’s up with that? THANKS!

    @valuser: thanks for this idea (.htaccess). I’m going to look into this.

    @4ella: so here’s the official answer from Login Ninja: “Unfortunately Login Ninja doesn’t support BuddyPress forms.” So how are you using it in BuddyPress???

    @4ella: I see now that Login Ninja is a paid ($15) Envato/WebFactory plugin. Only sold 135 copies. But when I tested the Captcha on the WebFactory site, it showed a standard WordPress login screen. But I’m using BuddyPress with its Registration screen (and currently using SI Captcha on that). Will it work on BuddyPress? Is that what you’re doing? Thanks.

    @valuser: Spam-Destroyer: doesn’t support my version and seems pretty experimental.
    @pantone: email verification is already there. They just verify it.
    I also have SI Captcha for additional verification on registration form, but they’re able to get around that somehow (do not know how).

    They keep coming! (the registration spammers)
    @4ella: there is no WP plugin called “Login Ninja”. I see it on CodeCanyon, but what is it?
    – I found and installed two plugins: “Stop Spammer Registrations” and “Custom Registration Link”. No benefit I can see.
    – But I did discover the “Whassup” plugin which is pretty cool and shows the IPs that can then be banned. But doing it manually takes way too much time.
    I’m going nuts trying to deal with these registration spammers (~30/day). Help! THANKS.

    Thanks for this, guys.
    @modemlooper: actual humans? Hmmm… never thought of that. Could be. I’ll just delete them case-by-case.
    @gh0zt: Using FB… that’s an idea but I know that some of my users hate (and do not use) FB.
    @4ella: I assumed spammers just rolled over their IPs continuously.
    Will study and try these ideas. More welcome. THANKS!

    This is great advice, rossagrant. I’m on it! Thanks so much.

    Hi, rossagrant. First, thanks VERY much for this informative response. This is the information I’ve been looking for.

    I’m pretty much in disbelief that BP cannot do what it says in black-and-white it will do (send notifications by email when messages are composed and the “to all users” box is checked). Why hasn’t someone removed this misleading text, I’m wondering? Oy. Oh well, lesson learned, moving on…

    I guess I need to go 3rd Party now. But you’ve identified a key point: Are the Users opted-in? Based on the BP account settings, I believe they are in principle (unless they checked “No”, and I don’t think I have no way of knowing if they did). So I guess I have two choices:
    A. Import all users into a 3rd-party email app and take a chance and send out a notice. Or,
    B. Install an email sign-up widget at the top of all my sidebars (or Header or wherever) and start from scratch building a list with whoever signs up from that day forward.
    (A) solves an immediate marketing problem but seems risky. (B) is the safest but means I’ve wasted all this time thinking I could do something that I couldn’t (or more accurately, that my *former* dev team said I could do), and now I’m already 700+ users into it.

    ***Any other options I’m missing?

    Thanks again for this valuable input. I appreciate it.


    UPDATE: I cannot get Notice to All Users to work in my BP 1.5.5 (for email delivery). When doing Messages > Compose, it works fine when sending to a single user (email message received in their inbox). But when sending same message to same user AND checking the “This is a notice to all users” box, it does NOT work, not even to the same single user! (but am getting “Notice sent successfully!” confirmation) I want to be able to send an EMAIL message to all users via the built-in BP “Email Notification” system. It specifically says (on the front end): “Send a notification by email when: … Messages > A new site notice if posted”. And my test users do have the “Yes” btns checked for this.

    Any ideas why the BP solution is not working? (FYI: there are 700+ users, and I do not have these users in a 3rd-party email capture system) I’ve Googled for “Why does Notice to All Users not work in BuddyPress?”, and most results are 2-3 years old, with no one really explaining why this should not work. Why would BP have this function if it does not work? Or, alternatively, what am I doing wrong? Any advice appreciated. THANKS!

    Good article. Thank you, Roger. But I’m still wondering what the actual harm is, and do real people actually go to these Member pages to see this junk? (and yes, I Googled for this part :)

    Yep, there it is. Right in Plugins. Duh. THANKS.

    Yeah, basic Forum functions! What a concept! :)

    I agree. Not having a Search function to see previous Q&As doesn’t make much sense. How hard could it be, eh, Mods?

    Thanks Paul. But Messages looks to be a “Notification” in the top bar and not an Email Notification, which is what I’m looking for. Or it is? This is very unclear to me. Anybody else know???

    Excellent feedback, Boone! I’m looking seriously look at BP-Media.

    Thanks again!

    This a great discussion because I’m in Neononcon’s and Hysteriux’ shoes somewhat. I’m a web publisher who’s preparing to revamp an existing site to WP, and my potential devs are telling me I really need to incorporate BP as a major component. But I’m not clear about certain functionalities and if BP can really do what I need it to do. And I’ve looked at many of the examples from the links nicely given above (thanks!) and elsewhere, but still do not see my answers. So may I ask 3 very specific questions that can hopefully be answered by those here more experienced than me? Yes? Here goes…

    1. Can BP Groups have separate “discussions” (like forum threads) INSIDE the Group? Not one single thread but unlimited threads. Just like a Forum. Here’s a hypothetical situation: A Group called “Photo Critiques” where each User would submit photos in a separate thread within this group. And others can them comment and critique that User’s photos. In that thread. And there would be a Sticky thread at top explaining the instructions, etc. Doable?

    2. And each separate thread would have full photo uploading capability (or “side-loading” if photo is already housed somewhere). Doable?

    3. And there could be a dedicated Photo Gallery/Album for THAT Group as a whole. Doable?

    Is BuddyPress suitable this scenario?

    Many thanks for your valued input!

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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