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  • @Histrion: You may have missed this on Buddydev’s site, but they clearly list the plugin as beta (beta 5 is the latest) and specifically indicate that the current release is not intended for live sites, but rather for testing to identify issues and improve the plugin: “Bp chat is a facebook like chat plugin for BuddyPress. […]

  • @Histrion its really easy dissing on what others do… please remember this is an open-source platform and is not obligated to give you a flawless piece of code… now, lets be realistic in our assesment of bp-chat from buddydev… amongst all the available free chat modules out there, this one is the best… it has […]

  • mercime posted on the forum topic Instant Messaging Feature in the group Creating & Extending: 7 years ago

    @Histrion You have been misinformed. I have been using BP Gallery in different sites since its alpha version more than a year ago (early 2010) where it already had image, audio and video galleries for groups. I can say it continues to shine code-wise and feature-wise. Brajesh has consistently rolled out updated/improved BP Gallery versions each […]

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