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  • Brajesh at Buddydev sucks slows down things,show people online even they ar not ,and lots of bugs
    he update the plugin all the time and nothing all bugs still there …i hate it and will never use it again

    hate this one the worst chat ever, shows people online even if there is no one ,slows down site …

    ps buddydev lots of stuff whit lots of bugs

    FAIL and big one

    Sorry to dissapoint you but i ma talking about that Bp Gallery ..i have it i am a member there be honest that plugin messes up buddypress …i had it for 2 weeks ..uninstalled it
    and i say it again,we will see how free it will be . so another question did you visited the link i provided?? if you did chek thah work codes compare it whit the BuddyDev…than you wil see

    see ya Cheers

    Buddydev chat … not good at all, second thing about Buddydev…someones alse work claimed to be BudyDev ..first of that the BP gallery actualy work of this guy only – and still they whant get paid for membership???? oo yeah am runing to do it …NOT.
    Totaly comercial stuff and the update?? sucks ..installation of BP galery at least strange colapsing of the plugin ..lots of them ..hate it i uninstall it not worth of money .
    The footer chat constantly shows people online eaven they are NOT for days …

    so I say if Wordpess and Buddypress are free stuff developed in hard work ,time and skill …plugins must be a free stuff not paied ones and low functionality
    i dont give a damn if someone sayd …one day they will make it free …not true they will never be free and the scripts will never be released free for the simple reason that there is someone alse work in it…

    foxly ..keep up the good work, and i don’t whant even comment BP Gallery
    i will use BP album+. Why? its not bad,will be upgraded ,it is free like WordPress and Buddypress
    That was the idea to be free , doesn’t it?

    Help needed applyed plugin activated ..not working all user can see all profiles and all activity eaven they applayed the privacy setting , i have latest BP and the latest WP.
    Question do a need something else whit this plugin thanks again

    I am a noob in wordpress but is a long time that i am reading Jefs Sayre work one simple and true comment.
    Great work greatcoder and great man thanks

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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