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  • Thanx for reply.
    So how would we proceed in order to try and get this built, along with others who might want this functionality?
    thanx again!

    Thanx for reply David!

    Again, we are new to this but need a few things which does not exist out of the box.
    I’ll email you about that then.

    Thanx also for mandatory groups tip. I’ll ask in that group then about that also.

    Dear all.
    Any chance of a short response of where to start /how you would go about trying to get the above mentioned functionality into our BP installation? We can’t write this ourselves but would sponsor if others are interested.
    Grateful for any brief hints. New to BP.

    This problem went away with new version 2.9.6, at least on our system

    Thanx modemlooper.

    Pretty certain and pretty particular about what I am after…;)
    But would love to be wrong.

    I see this thread is 8 months old…so not sure if it is still valid.
    Very interested in this plugin though.
    Will contribute if it sees the light of day

    Very useful info, thanx!
    On a similar note, could you by any chance hint how to make the “My groups” tab rather than the hierarchical tab be the default when you click on “Groups”? Just swap places and make My groups the default when you go to:
    Grateful for any hint!
    I guess I would also like to have a menu that goes directly to:
    Like the groups admin menu item if possible.
    How can I make one?


    @Göran Rudling
    Don’t suppose you found a fix for this? I see the same and have not been able to fix it.

    Dear all,

    Love this plugin. Vital on the schoolforum we are trying to build at present.
    Same problem here though,,. Can’t send direct admin group emails.
    Everything else works perfectly
    Anyone found a fix? Codetweak?

    New to Buddypress and have not been part of a project before but would love that functionality and could perhaps be part in funding in some way. Not huge board and no huge resources, but will try if needed!

    If not too late:
    Just change the title of the emailin the admin control panel and remove the quotation there.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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