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  • Just thought I’d show interest in an events module/addition to groups too. :)

    As already mentioned being able to create an event with info, invite members and allow an RSVP would be brilliant. Just throwing in a few more thoughts:

    – Allowing users to click say “I’m attending”/”I might attend”/”I’m not attending” buttons and their status showing on the events would be great.

    – Have an “invited but not replied” status.

    – Have maybe public/private events. Public events allow anyone (in that group?) to sign up/invite others, private events don’t.

    As I say – just a few thoughts… Such a module/extension of groups would be amazing.

    The (test users) have a blog too and have the domains setup:

    This then shows a default BuddyPress theme home, with no widgets.

    Even when the main site/blog is using the BuddyPress theme itself with widgets, the has the BuddyPress theme home with no widgets.

    I actually want users to use the BP theme, and the main site ( to use the WPRemix theme.

    That would certainly help with the site I’m creating!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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