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  • Exactly the same for me if I click on a specific forum on here and then use the pagination links. I opened a thread about it on the troubleshooting thread, but cannot navigate to it to see if there was a reply!

    I have had to hack my BP theme to remove ajax calls for pagination, and the dropdown selectors dont work either.

    Pretty major bugs IMHO.

    Hi – thanks – ticket submitted #3759

    Actually Im going to update here as I cant even get to page two of the forum, the numbered links to pages don’t work!

    M problem is now even worse:

    1. New members signs up and adds blog at sign-up – it tells them in their profile they have 2 sites, it shows two sites in the My Sites dropdown and it lists two sites in their profile with clickable links, see pic here:

    So the site lists their own blog, but it also lists them as being a blogger on the main site as well, which is not the case because they don’t have dashboard access.

    2. If a new member signs-up and does NOT create a blog on signup, they cannot create on later because the “My Sites” dropdown does not apper to them.

    So, two pretty fundamental issues.

    Heres my original thread, I cant access it in my browser, it times out.

    I am also experiencing similar issues, have updated my own post on it.

    Hi Andrea

    Yes, I have an existing 3.2.1 multisite network. I added buddypress a week ago and am still tweaking the changes. I received support tickets from members who had signed up to just to get a username for commenting, how they could add a blog. I realised that the “my sites” menu in buddypress toolbar does not show for members without a blog.

    So I cannot see a way to allow existing members without a blog to add one, which seems really odd.

    Paul – should I be adding this to the bug tracker, or is it specific to my site?

    Anyone – how do your existing members without a blog add one? I have more than 200 members who did not have blogs (hust for commenting), but now I have added buddypress several want to get more involved, and until I find out how they can add a blog, they can’t!

    Oh dear, really? That sounds quite a flaw to me!

    If a logged in user goes to register, they get redirected back to the mainpage.

    If I log in as a user without a blo and go to it does allow them to add one. But the problem is that in the my sites menu that then appears, they can see a link to the main site blog(which they cant acces, but even still its very confusing) as well as their own!

    Surely it must be a very common occurence for a buddypress site member to want to add a blog, it seems very odd this is a problem?




Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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