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  • On the registration link: If you are signed in, it will loop you back to the home page. If you sign out, then you will see the register page.

    Actually, diddnt lose anything in buddy press either, must have been stored inside of WP, so lost nothing and fixed the log-in issue.

    Well, totally removed buddy press and related plug-ins. Although I do not believe it was buddy bress, it was one of the plugins I had with it that caused it. Also, cause a fatal error when buddy press was deaactivated.It was a plug-in that cause the fatal error as well as it did not restore after just removing BP. The good is, I was just getting going on BP so the comunity was not really built. I would reccomend uninstalling plug-ins first throguh ftp before buddy press itself if anyone encounters a similar problem. Wish I could say what plug- in it was, I may repost as I re-add plug-ins for anyone in the future having a similar issue. None the less, I am glad I resolved the log-in aspect.

    I had checked all the blog settings. Tried to disable bp and now get this, and my site is down??
    /home/watercat/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-links/bp-links-core.php on line 704
    Must be a issue soemwhere, do i remove buddy press through ftp or php? Guessing I have to phycially remove buddy press to get to my admin page?

    Thanks Boone! Sorry about the bump. Could you tell me where I can remove the sidebars for the group page listings as well (the page where all the groups are listed). That worked perfect for the actual groups page when you enter them!.Thank you so much again..

    Anyone? Surely somebody knows the answer to this one

    Okay, thanks, makes sense So..If I alreay have a child theme that was created by the author and have it installed as a theme, do I need to do anything else but to revert to it, activate it and make changes there.. then revert back to my main theme. Or do I need to link them somehow?

    Is the premium Bp-Gallery for BuddyPress plugin what I am looking for?


    Here is what I just did, I deleted all the menus. Whats weird is all my pages show up top as links? So somewhere I have something set wrong??? Same thing if I go to the default twenty ten.

    Any idea?

    Also: BP doesn’t work with the newer WP 3.* Nav menus at least not at present release it will with the 1.3 release, so trying to puzzle what you have set up”

    Can you elaborate on that for me??


    Many of the linkss on the pages I would copy and paste directly into the page article I was writing. Could it be the links that are causing the conflict. The other links I just used the link editor to link things up. But heres the deal, even when I make a new menu with no links or anything still no drop down menu..
    I did disable BP,and every plug in..nothing

    I did update my wordpress a few days ago, but the dropdowns worked fine after that..

    That does help, Thank you for the post roydeanjr..

    Thank you! Well, I guess for starters, do I need to add a forum plug-in? How does the user create forums? I created one in Buddy Press on my admin acct., but when I checked on another “non admin: user, no forum to be found? I guess what i am really asking is what do I need to do to make this site really interactive for the users. Appreciate any input, I built the site with the notion of creating alot of interaction. Thanks!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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