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  • @travel-junkie to be honest, I ‘d prefer if all discussions of that plugin were dropped here as I think I expressed, this discussion is about moving on & looking at new options. If that code was is released, fantastic, it gives us a springboard.
    However it doesn’t look like it will be, so lets move on.

    @aljuk, thanks for the fantastic reply & detail, perfect.
    @DJPaul, I’d say that comment was a fair point as many people have been waiting that long since it was expected/announced/later donated to and was on topic in that thread as it was about that specific plugin.
    However that’s going off topic on this thread, so lets leave it out.
    I’ll try the other privacy options mentioned & report back, thanks.

    @modemlooper I didn’t mention any developers & this thread certainly wasn’t intended to bash any, I’d still debate whether I bashed any in the previous thread too…
    I’m just asking about privacy options, @mercime gave the perfect answer.
    Has anyone tried these options, if so, what do you think?

    thanks @mercime, will check them out.

    Sorry, @gunju2221 thought this was a forum for discussion?
    I am simply asking other users what options they are using, would think this would be the best place for a buddypress privacy discussion?

    That thread was closed so I am just asking about other privacy options.
    as for ‘Do not put the guilt on us’ ???

    @modemlooper it looks that way, just a pity as Jeff says he has put in over a years work & has tested on current versions of BP.
    It looked like an extremely promising plugin, can’t understand why he won’t let anyone see the code unless it never existed.
    He has held up the development of a working privacy component for over a year now.

    question to @boonebgorges @DJPaul & @apeatling, do you think this plugins code will ever be released or incorporated into core?
    If not, are there any any other privacy options being worked on?, I’d still prefer to give this plugin the benefit of doubt. The developer has a good reputation here, if it stretches into more excuses of ‘one bug, new BP release, different licence…’ and so on though, I’d gladly help out with any solution you might have. PM me.

    The latest update on the plugin release date was ‘I will be releasing the fully-functioning BP Privacy codebase over the next several days
    That was 10 days ago, fingers crossed we see it soon.

    Sounds like a class issue, been a while since I looked but look at the class of the sidebar in the default theme & use that in your custom theme.

    thanks, @DJPaul from what you’ve seen, is it likely to make core any time soon?

    For privacy options to be added to buddypress core, I would presume it will have to be seen & tested by many eyes.
    After 16 months of development & not seeing a single line of code or a name who has tested the code in question, I’d be surprised if it made it, but fingers are still crossed as it’s a well needed component.
    However, the developer has stated that the code, when released will not be buddypress 1.3 compatible, so getting it into core will obviously require some work.
    Not bashing anyone.

    @modemlooper not bashing, just asking a question.

    @travel-junkie I don’t doubt the code exists & have read about the ‘select few’, just wonder if anyone on these boards has ever seen any of the code?
    I’d love to.

    Not putting Jeff down but has anyone ever seen a single line of this code?

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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