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  • ah, I expected it would do like default.css and just override with my changes.

    Fixed now, many thanks

    id doesn’t seem like the adminbar.css in my theme folder is overriding the default tho

    ../../plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/css/adminbar.css is my @import url

    here is a screenshot (site is in maintenance mode, so link is no help :p)

    I have copied the entire default.css into the style.css in my custom theme and reworked it pretty heavily.

    I have also made a mirror of _inc/css/adminbar.css in my theme folder and set all the width attributes to 100% in this, no change.

    I’ve changed that to 100% as the first thing i tried, no dice. It makes it wider, but not full page width

    Nope, as earlier stated it’s simply abducted by cybespace-aliens. Nothing gets to hotmail and I get no error/failure-notification in return.

    Necroing this rather than post again in a new one. My install is running on a VPS with dedicated IP, and hotmail issues remain…

    Which element in there is it you’re thinking of?

    Will have to dig a little more… seeing TTFB times OVER NINE THOUSAND!! (literally… 9358ms)

    Running some further tests, it seems to have extremely long TTFB time when loading pages. I have activated object caching etc in W3, but not really seen any measurable change in the sites performance from it…

    Have tried that aswell, deactivated all plugins except BP, and still same issue.

    As a side note, if I deactivate BP and run just WPMU, the site is nice and snappy immediately…

    Ossim. Got it fixed :)

    in my case though, it doesn’t even get into the junk folders. It’s just lost in space never to be seen or heard from again.

    gmail/yahoo etc are not an issue tho, mails are there in seconds.

    I have the same issue. Tried installing plugins, changing email to a “legit” one rather than the standard">, tried sending through SMTP rather than mail()

    Nothing works.

    Most likely Hotmails spam filter reacts to the activation link, that would be my guess at least.


    remove_filter( ‘body_class’, ‘bp_get_the_body_class’, 10, 2 );

    to mystiques functions.php

    This is ALMOST enough to make you my hero.

    BUT, is there any way to make this work on front page, but not in the activity feed on user profile?

    Basically, when my users log in, they are sendt directly to their profile. On the streams there, I would still like to let them see status updates etc as default, as it is then limited to themselves and their friends, not everyone on the site.

    maybe wrap the function in another if statement? Or would one perhaps have to create an entirely new slug?

    Hehe, yea. I use their themes on a few Joomla based sites. Didn’t notice they had made Affinity into BP aswell.

    Same, 1.2.2, didn’t work until I did this. Works perfectly now tho :D

    Was it a lot of work adapting that rockettheme to BP?

    An approach I hadn’t thought of tbh.

    Ok, seeing as what I want to do is in the same area as this thread, I suppose it might aswell be posted here rather than a new thread.

    I wish to achieve 2 things:

    Unregistered/logged out users should see the activity stream, BUT, with blog posts only

    Registered and logged in users should have as home page, rather like the home page on facebook, so when you log in, or click “home” in navigation, you should end up there.

    Anyone have advice on how to achieve this?

    Awesome :)


    Yea, I also tried <?php if ( bp_has_activities('object=blog') ) : ?>

    This does exactly what I want… if the user is logged out.

    As, while I have removed the filter dropdown anyways, that is no issue, but it also makes a mess of the other filters for logged in users.. (My Friends, My Groups etc etc)

    They all just give the same result (all blog posts)

    Honestly I find it a little puzzling that this is not implemented in the backend.

Viewing 24 replies - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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