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  • @lrv No, using the bp-custom.php approach – you’d need to re-upload existing avatars in order for the new sizes to be used.

    The alternative is to use the full size avatar throughout your theme. However, this might involve making changes to multiple template files (depending on your theme).

  • hi @lrv,

    Now at the Group Forum page listed only topics from all Groups

    for sure it’s default behaviour !

    But below each topic title, aside author’s name, you have also the group forum name.
    And if this is […]

  • @lrv @lrv Hi my Dear,

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  • lennylove posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    @lrv @lrv Hello,

    My Name is Lenny Donatus
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  • @lrv testing

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