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  • Sounds like the murderer is in the house. Don’t go upstairs. 🙂

    You could optionally just block sign-ups from your own IP. If you’re running a multisite installation, there’s a convenient UI for this. We’ve yet to incorporate that into single-site BuddyPress yet, but we have considered it.

    Worth pinging @messenlehner or @tw2113 about the…[Read more]

  • @Messenlehner @Messenlehner hi there… i have buddypress registration installed.. but neither admin or a user gets any emails when a user registers. i want to be able to approve users but i dont get notified when they sign up and they dont get emails saying they are waiting for approval…

    the website is

    any help…[Read more]

  • TimCarey posted an update 13 years, 2 months ago

    @Messenlehner I really like your plug in. When I would like is all users to be automatically approved, but I want to approve who gets their own blog site with my multiple site network. Additionally I want them to answer questions during registration that can help me decide which ones to approve.

  • I really need to be able to approve my site’s registrations. This sounds like exactly what I need but, like everyone else, it isn’t working. It seems to activate fine, but no settings appear. I agree with one of the other members here that this plugin should be removed until such time as @Messenlehner is able to get it working (or another talented…[Read more]

  • @messenlehner I really wish this plugin was working for me. I’m getting the following warnings/errors after clicking Save Options. Top of page… Warning: implode() : Invalid arguments passed in …/wp-content/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 36 Next to each group checkbox is the same error/warning… Warning:…[Read more]

  • @Messenlehner Dear Brian,
    Do I need the old version 1.0 of the Plugin BP-Registration-Options in order to make it work with my buddypress version 1.1.3 and wpmu 2.9.1?
    I wasn’t able to download a prior option and neither did I find anything on the plugin site, but I contacted you already over the site, so sorry if you read this twice, but I’d…[Read more]

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