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  • When browsing the forums I noticed similair problems with several (possible) sollutions. Isn’t it an idea to make a couple o sticky topics where failry common problems or bugs are being explained?

    It’s a bit to much maybe, but al of the information about a problem like mine is scaterred now trough topics.

    That did it! I feel so stupid (-shirtsighted noob-) right now but thank you DJPaul!! I’ve been looking for the bug for so long and it was so easy.. I’m a bit embarresed right now, but relieved as well.

    Again, Thank you DJPaul!!

    No I haven’t.. I just did it so within 3 hours we know if that was the problem.


    I might be a bit of a noob on this one but: how the view / adjust apache? is it on the server or with the hosting/database?

    I have the exact same list as augusto.vilarim. But I think I don’t have MU setup properly. I read in the README that I have to configure Apache in order for the mod_rewrite to work. I haven’t done anything with that. Could that be it? I only have no idea how to acces Apache..

    Hmm have to figure out if i’m running on appache or not, no knowledge of that..

    I am not using a custom theme yet so that’s not the problem (yet).

    Any other tips?

    You Have seem to figured it out ikkeook. Care to show us how? I’m having the same problems over and over. Any one have a solution for this?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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