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  • To give you an example, you can play around with our BuddyPress Profile Widget

    The ‘grey block’ is just a color and the ‘v’ is a background image.

    Andrea_r I know we are walking on a fine fine hear – as I told Paul, opening Pandora’s box.

    Boone, apoplogies for not having made that clear – though when you did release your ning to buddypress importer, they where quick to jump and show their faces.

    I have spoken to Paul and respect his comment, along with the others. We will head over to the WordPress forums.

    @DJpual said he will be closing this?

    “makes it look more like you want in on the action too.” $1 minus paypal’s trance-action fee is nothing to jump around about. With the proceeds we aim to increase the index. Most of the plugins index on Muttuj are already available for free, all you have to do is google them. We are simply offering them with peace of mind – having not been altered.

    “all those premium services are helping the grow of WP and BP” – That’s if you can afford it. Not everyone is from Europe or the US, and those that can’t afford it are simply left behind. The ‘techno rich’ get richer and the ‘techno poor’ get poorer.

    “people like Paul or Andrea_r” The problem is we need more Paul’s and Andrea_r’s, you can’t tell me the admins on wouldn’t appreciate some help from the members of the premium sites in questing. The only time they will come around is when one of their plugins gets released to the repo, as what happened with the ning to buddypress importer.

    @travel-junkie and just because you can make money doing something doesn’t mean you should do it. There’s always two sides..

    We know you also sell premium plugins, though you give back to the community, you are often helping out people on and numerous other sites – the plugins we have on offer are of premium sites that have excluded themselves from the community and give little or nothing back. We by no means aim to harm those that do good.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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