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  • Nick Nichelle L. Dael


    figured it out. caused by “Group Activity Subscription” plugin.

    issue resolved: this happens when a user gets to upload, say, 50 photos when album upload limit is set to only 50 photos.

    50-50 = 0

    no changes necessary for the plugin. just increment the upload limit. :)

    if this is in the readme or manual. sorry i did not rtfm. he he

    wp3.0 and PHP5 are met.

    have also followed steps here >

    btw, where do i manually set the container folder for the images. I’m thinking of trying to use a folder outside of wp-content.

    @foxly the url is

    added BuddyPress Profile Privacy and All in One SEO Pack
    have already tried disabling mentioned plugins. no go. have already reinstalled bp album plugin. still no go.

    could this have something to do with the capacity of the ‘album’ folder created under ‘uploads’ folder of wp installation?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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