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  • Pretty much out the box BP:

    Set the main blog to use the ‘home’ theme and don’t assign or have or have available the ‘buddypress’ theme for anyone.. it’ll automatically be used for profiles.

    When I’m not logged in, this is what I see:

    Excellent. Is the external site integration a plugin or something custom y’all cooked up? I was just thinking that’d be a great idea.

    done :)

    But now it doesn’t say *who* created a post. Not a username or first/last name:

    It just says “wrote a new blog post ...

    Also, in the Sitewide Activity, when I’m not logged in it says:

    admin updated the "TMI" information on your profile.

    Shouldn’t this be either his profile or their profile?

    (should I submit this as a bug?)

    OK, I completely re-installed everything and I can add new profile fields now. Must have been something in the old database.

    just me ? :) I’m still getting this error. The first time I got it I spent about 50 minutes copying and pasting 160+ names of DC neighborhoods. I wanted to cry when i got the error. :)

    But you’re forgetting that most people use usernames across many sites as an online persona. To use myself as an example, I use nolageek everywhere. If I already had a blog as and now had to come up with a profile name… I’d want it be under nolageek – I dont have any other usenames/profiles/identities that I use on social networks. I’m just saying it’s confusing. (At least, for me!) :)

    The problem though, as I understand it, is that existing users already have a blog associated with their username… not their profile/home base. That’s kind of confusing, no?

    Perfect! Thanks!

    No, I was trying to figure out why the buddypress theme wasn’t working for his blog. I was confused about the whole homebase/profile/blog distinction. The problem is that some of the blogs were already created using their usernames.. so the homebases were all screwed up. Good to know.

    Mental note: install BP on a clean install. (I know it’s been said before, but this is a good resaon why)

    [post deleted by author]

    It’s just not working like that though.

    Is that just because he hasn’t logged into to create his home page?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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