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  • Hi Tammie,

    Looks like I had a few plugins previously installed that needed to be turned on. I turned on the BuddyPress Template Pack and it all dropped into place. Thanks again. You got me to using my head. Thanks!

    Thanks Tammie,

    How do I confirm that I’m including the BuddyPress admin bar styling? Its been a long time since I’ve looked at a BuddyPress installation. I tried to include a link to the site but apparently we aren’t allowed because the forum stripped it out. Trying again Thanks.


    After reading that thread and assuming there is nothing new in the works, for anyone with similar needs the actual answer is you cannot do it with any currently available free plugin. IOW, you can’t get there from here.

    I came to this thread and read all the way through hoping I would see the answer at the end of the rainbow. eborg9 totally has a point and boy he sure had to work to make it. eborg9, I feel your pain.

    Case in point, I am using BuddyPress for an alumni group. They won’t know what to do with a username other than use it login (would be nice if they just used their email addresses). Usernames are displayed all through my BuddyPress site and there is no way to turn that off. This is counter intuitive for my audience. In fact, for my site they need to see each other SITEWIDE by “first name + last name in school” (aka: maiden names for women). This shouldn’t be so difficult. I’m surprised there isn’t a plugin to modify the Sign Up form and to edit the profile output. I would pay for such a plugin and I know others would. Does one exist that is for sale? I don’t expect to find one for free.

    My site members shouldn’t have to navigate to a members directory and do detective work to figure out to discover another members identity if they belong to an open community established so they can communicate.

    Thanks again Jeff. I have a feeling that my audience won’t use this forum because it is a bit of a thinker for the uninitiated but at least its in place and I know its working. I had hoped to put the link to the forum in my nav bar and offer text links throughout the site but with this group mentality not sure how to proceed. Do you have any links to sites that might be good examples to emulate? My site is an alumni site not that the example needs to be an alumni site. Thanks again you saved my bacon!

    THANKS so much! Yes, the directory does exist. I did the DB backup, removed the bb_ tables, ran the forum installer. Returning to the forum setup I see this:

    bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly. If you are having problems you can re-install

    NOTE: The forums directory will only work if your bbPress tables are in the same database as your WordPress tables. If you are not using an existing bbPress install you can ignore this message.

    I also see the new tables in my database. What I don’t see is any forum control panel on my admin side or how to include a link to it in my site navigation. I’m looking around in the WordPress admin and on the visible site itself. What am I missing?

    The location didn’t come through on my post “ or
    “ ?

    Hi Jeff, I didn’t see your post before I made my last reply. OMG! I was over thinking this one.

    I didn’t realize that Buddypress had a copy of bbPress included in it. There is sort of a good reason for that but I won’t go into that part of my situation.

    Yes, I was thinking that I had to install the forum manually and then hook it up. My site is a BuddyPress site that I simply wanted to add a forum too much like this site. I wanted people who sign up for the site to have one login for a sitewide use including the forum.

    Sounds like I need to uninstall the forum–it has no data in it. If I uninstall this bbPress forum and remove those bb_ tables from my site database. Do I simply point the BuddyPress forum setup to my location? Thanks.

    I do see a possible problem here but don’t know enough about databases. I could get myself in way more trouble.

    I see in the bb-config.php file that my Table prefix is ‘bb_’ but in the bbPress installer log I see that the table prefix is ‘lh_’ (my wordpress table prefixes are set to ‘lh_’). This is what the log says:

    `>>> User database table prefix: lh_`

    Looking at my database I see that the prefix is bb_ could this be the problem and if so how would I fix it? I don’t see how i can rename those tables. or change the prefix. I’m just guessing here. Thanks.

    Hmmm, I see that bb-config.php is currently set to: 666 What should it be? I tried 644 didn’t work. I see the directory is set to 705. I tried 755 as per most WordPress logic. Tried it with the document inside being both 666 and 644.
    When you say absolute path do you mean literally to the system? it comes up with a path with all the directories up to the root of the server which I was surprised to see rather than the domain. But yes I tried all the possible paths I could think of .

    Most my community are used to this because we are migrating to a new CMS. We have to shut down a paid CMS solution and I will ask them to re-register at the new BuddyPress one. But yes, I will try to remember to make things very clear. I hope to only let people who are logged in see the names of my community members. But I would really rather have email addresses (non visible) used for login purposes. I want real names visible to the community. Most are used to the model of doing things which is exactly what I hope to simulate. I have been researching this in open source communities since 2004 and amazed that nobody has come up with a CMS/plugin that meets this need. I can pretty much find a plugin for everything else under the sun.

    Thanks ehegwer I’ll look for the Private Community plugin. Thats what I needed to know. But still need the username thing. Looks like according to you Boone I’ll need more skills than I currently have. I hope there is a volunteer out there. I won’t mind the usernames so much IF they aren’t visible to the community. My audience will be confused by usernames. Remember these are people who actually already know each other already by real live names. I’m still tinkering with BuddyPress to see if it will work for my community. If I continue to be happy with my customizations I will be interested to know what your fees would be to create such a plug-in Boone.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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