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  • Terence Milbourn


    Did Sven leave the house? Hope not…

    Hey Sven, got a problem with 1.2.4 beta on WP3.0/BP – everything works fine for BP, but its missing Title and Keywords on the blog home page, which is a static page, and the blog itself, which is at – is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?

    Oh lord. How can I post an XML code snippet in here when BuddyPress is not my buddy?

    I am getting this response from Webmaster Tools for “bp-sitemap-members-f.xml.gz” and for which Google also claims there are 0 submitted and 0 indexed URLs.

    “Missing XML tag
    This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.”

    The “bp-sitemap-members-f.xml.gz” file contains this…


    Can you tell me how to resolve this since I have got so many splinters in my fingers from scratching my head I can hardly think, let alone type any more…? 8^)

    This is exactly the theme I was looking for and I want to use it for a new site I am developing at which is currently running on WP3 RC2. The problem I am having is that, on a couple of pages, it looses the left hand column. Can you tell me how to fix this? For example, if I cick on a tag at the foot of a post or in the tag cloud, to search for similar articles, I get a page with “You are browsing the archive for *tag* but no left hand column. Also, my Links page shows no left hand column. Can you help?

    I am afraid I had to give up in the end. I tried it in all three and it didn’t open any of the syndicated RSS articles in a new window. I am sure its down to my incompetence but that’s a product or heredity, environment and evolution, so it won’t be changed quickly and I have to get the site up and running, so I will leave it out for the time being. Many thanks for your help.

    @hnla – put me out of my misery. I’ve spent an hour or more trying to get this to work with the default theme. Where does it go?

    @hnla — This looks very interesting, I appreciate the detailed reply and I will certainly try out the pastebin example. There are a couple of points though. Did you pick up on the fact that this new page opening function was only to relate to pages being opened from an RSS feed? And, who exactly is this person or persons unnamed who consider it impolite that the website owner, who has had the expense and invested the time and effort to create the site, should not decide how it should function? I agree with you that it is your perfect right to handle a link in whichever way you want, to defeat what I set up, should you so choose. Nevertheless, I would be quite happy that my effort to open a new window turns into a new tab in your browser – job done, as far as I am concerned.

    “BP Forum Extras” by Rich Fuller at make a BuddPress forum really work as it ought to, except for the post preview, which I haven’t found yet… but I will or I will create it!

    I have just tried several times to post a message to this forum and each time its been completely mangled by BuddyPress to the point that it now makes no sense. Large chunks have been left out. Without the ability to include quoted or coded items and no opportunity to preview your post before posting, IMHO this part of BuddyPress really sucks. I can only hope I will find a plugin writer somewhere who has given BuddyPress some proper editing and posting functions.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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