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  • Rajilesh Panoli


    I think you can modify this params. I didnt’t test it yet.

    // Parse the user query arguments
    	$params = wp_parse_args( $args, array(
    		'type'            => 'active',     // active, newest, alphabetical, random or popular
    		'user_id'         => false,        // Pass a user_id to limit to only friend connections for this user
    		'exclude'         => 1,        // Users to exclude from results
    		'search_terms'    => false,        // Limit to users that match these search terms
    		'meta_key'        => false,        // Limit to users who have this piece of usermeta
    		'meta_value'      => false,        // With meta_key, limit to users where usermeta matches this value
    		'include'         => false,        // Pass comma separated list of user_ids to limit to only these users
    		'per_page'        => 20,           // The number of results to return per page
    		'page'            => 1,            // The page to return if limiting per page
    		'populate_extras' => true,         // Fetch the last active, where the user is a friend, total friend count, latest update
    		'count_total'     => 'count_query' // What kind of total user count to do, if any. 'count_query', 'sql_calc_found_rows', or false
    	) );
    $retvals = bp_core_get_users($args);

    It was an error with my buddypress installation. Solved.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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