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  • Doing a test run for child theming and couldn’t figure out why some style rules displayed and others didn’t until I realized that BP Default is loaded after the child theme instead of before. Anybody else getting this or did I just botch my install?

    I created mine by using this service and uploading the .ico file to the root of my site and another copy within my theme folder. Seems to work =)

    Sorry, yes. Should’ve clarified my answer above. Only one instance of BP per WP/MS like @mercime said.

    Yes, you can still create normal WP sites like always and, yes, they will be *BP-enabled* so to speak. It doesn’t mean that your new site owner will see the difference on the front- and back-end, aside from the BP admin bar, which you can disable in you wp-config.php file by adding this line — define ( ‘BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR’, true );

    I actually also disabled the new WP Admin bar, as well, and just created a custom BP menu for my main BP site in the root, so that there’s a very distinct separation between main vs. sub-blog sites. Anyway, hope this helps!

    @stwc thank you! yeah, i’m a minimalist at heart =)

    I use Gravity Forms to do this, although you could also look into TDO mini forms ( if you’re not keen on spending any money. I will say this… the GA plugin is *the* best plugin I’ve ever splurged on, bar none.

    Thanks you two! =) I vote we build in some sort of notification system to this forum, because I had no idea someone responded to this post just till today! Anywho, I also beefed up the BP signup page… … might tweak it some more but I’m fighting all urges not to introduce any more clutter. AND ***AAAANNNNNDDDD*** I WILL incorporate @DJPaul ‘s Achievements plugin once I’ve completed a lot of other initiatives for this site! I swear, once you run a BP site, the tweaking never stops, lol.

    @Travel-Junkie It’d be helpful if WP/Automattic (read: entity that provides mega-spotlight/massive exposure) would come out with an *Official* Kickstarter-like WP site solely devoted to curbing these funding issues (case in point: I think everyone can agree that BP is in need of some privacy functionality and so if everyone who needs the plugin pitched just a buck, @jeffsayre could still justify development time on it… he’d probably be at 10 grand by now, maybe more.

    Definitely try the basics of narrowing down the root of your problem. First, I’d probably download the maintenance mode plugin and let all your users know beforehand that you’ll be doing some testing in the wee hours of the late night. Then, deactivate all your plugins. Run the Default BP theme that shipping with your BP plugin, and update BP, too, if you’re not running the latest version. If everything works — registrations/postings/uploads/etc., you’ll know that it’s a plugin(s). To figure out which one(s) is the culprit, activate one by one and keep testing one by one — very labor/time intensive, but that’s usually how troubleshooting goes. Most likely, you’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong and contact the plugin developer for some pointers =)

    Yep, you can definitely do this with WP/BP. But as far as photo albums/videos go, you’ll definitely want to figure out the storage/hosting part, because it sounds like your users might be playing with loads of data.

    Gah! Parallaxes are fun and cool, but you’re adding some serious bloat to your code by doing this. Save yourself the trouble and just stick with the static version. It’ll be less of a headache for you and your users (think about the various browsers, platforms and versions you’d have to support first in order for everyone to see the same thing… lotsa hacking and sleepless hours =P).

    You’ll have to tweak the header file a bit to assign unique classes that correspond to those tab links. But while you’re at it, you might as well just turn those tabs into Custom Menu tabs (WP 3.0 feature) like @modemlooper detailed here… (just take those li classes and drop in some background pics for your tabs).

    If you google wordpress themes, click on the first link (should a one) and then search for keyword “buddypress.” This will bring up all the current themes that are available to you. WPMU sells some, as well. I think for an alumni theme, you’ll probably want to start of my mapping out your site and organizing what information will be most pertinent to your users and then go from there.

    Don’t copy over BP Default’s functions.php into your child theme. Just start out by writing your custom function into a new file labeled function.php.

    If you’re the super admin, you should be able to create it for him/her and then just have him/her log in to reset his/her password.

    I haven’t used the plugin or any randomizing plugin, but my best guess would be that it comes with a shortcode or template tag. If it does, paste that into a new page and go to Settings >> Reading >> Front Page = Static –> choose your newly created page. You might have to run the PHP exec plugin for it to work.

    I think it’s like that by default. I can only view the blogs that I created as the Super Admin from the admin bar, even though I can get to the other blogs in different ways. Took me a double-take to figure that out, as well =)

    Make sure your style.css starts with…

    Theme Name: BuddyPress Dusk
    Theme URI:
    Description: Dark theme for BuddyPress.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: John Doe
    Author URI:
    Template: bp-default
    Tags: buddypress, two-column, grey, dark

    and don’t forget the bold line!

    That’s only for CSS =( I suppose, you could point to that and then go outside of it… maybe, possibly… but that’s still kind of a hack way of going about it, haha. Ah well, like I said… no biggie.

    Thanks =) Yeah, I’ll hard-code it instead. I was hoping something along the lines of bloginfo(‘childtheme_url’) … like an actual template tag but it’s really no biggie. Kind of like a math problem… lots of different methods to arrive at the same solution.

    I’ve usually used the “existing” forums button and that solved it. Not sure what the issue/solution was when I ran into that problem, as I did a bunch of things like clearing my cache, upgrading everything to the latest versions and activating/de-activating plugins and even updating permalinks — seems to be my usual SOP whenever I hit a wall, which ends up fixing whatever problem I have.

    Yes, you can through CSS. Typically, it’ll look something like this…

    .logo, .logo a{

    This is a CSS example using a class called “logo” where the width and height are the dimensions of your logo image.

    a#user-friends span {
    display: none;

    a#user-groups span {
    display: none;

    same for the other things.. just replace “blogs” or whatever else you need. You can figure it out by using the plugin for Firefox =)

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 108 total)
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