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  • I absolutely agree! I really think the lack of a front end post method is still a disadvantage of buddypress vs other social media creation tools. I´ll definitelly check more of your plugin! One question about it, is it able to use a wysiwyg editor? it would be really good to be able to have the same functionality as we have in the backend (such as using tinyMCE) to include pictures in the post without the need for shortcodes, as most users should not be expected to learn this method, and most members of my sites are used to visual and more accessible image posting methods in their post on other social sites. I will head on now to theidea topic and check it out! keep this plugin going! how can we help?

    Just found out about this plugin. looks great! Is it still on development? any response to what @juanmaguerrero asks two posts above this one?

    @mercime, I agree with everything you say. I’ve installed and tested the BPtemplate pack, as well as others, and experimented with theming.
    I’m looking forward to find good examples of sites using BP as a cityguide. I’ve designed a concept that uses the elements outlined in the original post. Therefore, maybe some readers have experience with one or two points in there, or can think of an example of a site or a plugin that may help.
    Like I mentioned, it is a concept scenario, useful to see what BP users have done in the past, and continue experimenting and learning BP.
    It certainly is not a simple BPWP install. And I’ve been checking up plugins for several months now. Still searching for suggestions and experience that BP users have had with plugins related to the points i made on the original post. Thanks for your comments regarding themes. What has your experience with BP been like? any recommendation on plugins for reviews and media albums? I’ve been checking up the kaltura as well as the cincopa plugins, but still, I’ve not seen many options yet…

    Have you tried the cityguide wootheme with buddypress?? it seems to be only for regular WP

    thankyou, @mercime. It is nice that I got a reply. this forums don’t seem very active. do you know of a more active community?

    I’m checking out the templates, and possible modifications to them. My major problem is the quick posting, as I’d need people to stay in the frontend… still searching. anyone else has tried to make a city guide with Buddypress?

    Any ideas or comments?

    same here, thankyou. good response. :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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