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  • @rogercoathup and @karmatosed – it seems since BP version 1.6.1, the wonderful guys who develop BuddyPress have changed the way the activity feed works. The activity feed ajax/js is less reliant on the markup in entry.php which leaves you free to replace the text links with images.

    Massive +1 to @JohnJamesJacoby and the team

    Thanks for the tips @rogercoathup – in my early days of web dev I had a site penalty for redirecting a page in the wrong way. Since then I seem to question everything I do. You’re right though, i’ve seen it done everywhere and this seems to be a perfectly reasonable approach :}

    Thanks karmatosed – this was my workaround before coming to the forum for help. I am displaying background images next to each of the Comment, Favorite and Delete text. To have the same text links display on every entry in the activity feed seems slightly redundant to me so wanted to try for images (icons) only.

    This brings me to Roger’s suggestion – CSS image replacement. I thought about hiding the text ‘off screen’ but does this have implications on SEO? Would Google view this as an attempt to ‘hide’ text from the user?

    My ideal solution would be to modify the template directly so that the text links are removed and replaced with images. Not sure if doing this would affect the activity feed’s ajax/js functionality?

    @rogercoathup I see what you mean about reengineering the plugin to make it more streamline. Ideally the cart/checkout pages shouldn’t have any distractions that may take the customer away from the job at hand (making payment).

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. I did notice the plugin which tightens BuddyPress and Woocommerce. Just downloaded it for $59 – haven’t had the chance to install yet but hopefully it works well.

    Hi karmatosed

    I am looking for a deeper integration with BuddyPress. For example, a lot of the ecommerce plugins available let your customers buy something. They even let them create a ‘shopper’ account. BUT – this ‘shopper’ account isn’t a wordpress or buddypress account.

    I have my eye on WooCommerce at the moment. Perhaps there are some more good ones available?

    @goviral that isnt quite the same thing as what i asked but with reference to what you would like to do , perhaps you could grab a count for the favourites button and then change the link text from favourites to “like”.


    does BP Followers let you approve follow requests? Some members are asking for a way to control who follows them.

    Thanks I’ll give it a go!

    Thanks Roger. This particular function doesn’t seem to accept such arguments. I assume that means you can’t change the size of the avatar on the inbox and sent message pages?


    If a site member decides not to add a subject, a rather unhelpful error message is given “There was an error sending that message, please try again”.

    Site members who are used to messaging systems that don’t require a subject wouldn’t think they had to enter a subject every time. Perhaps an error message that tells the user the subject field needs to be completed would be more user friendly?

    @ikosweb this CSS is essential for the avatar cropping feature. If anyone is developing their own theme and has decided to disable the default BuddyPress CSS then try adding this CSS snippet to your theme’s .css


    My avatar cropping seems to have broken too (since 1.5.6). Looking for a solution…

    Thanks once again Hugo, you always have the solution!

    I was doing the sort of digging you describe yesterday in fact and was able to find out how to add a “Follow” button which may interest users of Andy’s plugin BuddyPress Followers:

    bp_follow_add_follow_button( bp_displayed_user_id() );

    OK i have managed to find

    bp_send_private_message_link and bp_send_private_message_link()

    This covers points 1 and 3 above.

    Does anyone know if there is a template tag for Add Friend button?


    I have used Shopp in the past, very good support and a reliable product.

    Also mentioned above ‘S2Member’ looks perfect for BuddyPress websites

    +1 from me too. A recognition plugin where members can invite friends to give them praise would be a fantastic feature.


    You could try the BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin (has 32,963 downloads and 5 * rating from 35 votes)

    I’d be interested to hear if the plugin works well. The ability to add media to the standard activity feed would suit my site too.


    Ah, I see now & I can see where using these would be useful – there is no need to edit the WordPress/BuddyPress core.

    The part I couldn’t get my head around was why you wouldn’t just place the whole function in the theme but now I realise by using do_action() you can insert multiple functions at that specific particular point in the code.

    Thanks for helping out!

    @shanebp I only ever post in the forums once i’ve Googled/read the Codex and still not fully understood a topic. Apologies if i’ve asked lots of questions today, your help has been much appreciated :}

    members-overview.php only loads when i put locate_template( array( ‘members/single/members-overview.php’), true ); into member-header.php and then display the member profile page.

    I need to get members-overview.php to work outside the loop. The idea is to be able to display profile fields anywhere and not just display them on the member profile page.

    Thanks shanebp but I do need to create members-overview.php.

    How can I insert profile data into this file once i’ve created it?

    bp_get_profile_field_data( ‘field=Location’ ); doesn’t seem to work so I am assuming I need to have a loop somewhere which makes the profile data available to that file?

    Hope someone can give me some pointers on this?

    if you post a link to the page that the avatar is on, i’ll be able to tell you which template file to change.

    I did come up with something to apply a class to every third item in a loop by incrementing a variable on each pass. This was quite straight forward using PHP. Identifying the last item in a loop with PHP isn’t as easy. Your CSS solution was a great shout.

    You can do something like this in your theme:

    bp_displayed_user_avatar( ‘type=full&width=100&height=100’ );

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 40 total)
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