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BuddyPress ecommerce plugins

  • Can anyone recommend a good ecommerce plugin to use with Buddypress?

    I need my Buddypress members to be able to use their BuddyPress login details to be able to buy from my store.


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  • Tammie Lister


    When you say ‘BuddyPress’ the logins that people use are WordPress so if that’s all you want them to be able to do you are fairly open to solutions that work on WordPress. However, are you looking for more deeper integration with BuddyPress and your shop?

    Hi karmatosed

    I am looking for a deeper integration with BuddyPress. For example, a lot of the ecommerce plugins available let your customers buy something. They even let them create a ‘shopper’ account. BUT – this ‘shopper’ account isn’t a wordpress or buddypress account.

    I have my eye on WooCommerce at the moment. Perhaps there are some more good ones available?

    Roger Coathup


    Woo is the best I’ve come across so far.

    We started a shop extension to a BP site on Jigo, but quickly switched to Woo (a fork of Jigo) because it provided obvious hooks and filters we needed as developers that simply weren’t there on Jigo. Other parts of the API seem richer as well.

    You can check out the site:

    There is a plugin for even tighter integration with the BP profile, but we are going to reengineer that as we feel it places some screens in the wrong place and doesn’t provide the smoothest UX as a result.

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. I did notice the plugin which tightens BuddyPress and Woocommerce. Just downloaded it for $59 – haven’t had the chance to install yet but hopefully it works well.

    Roger Coathup


    The plugin is good in that integrates the account / previous order information into your BP profile.

    The ‘problem’ is that it also integrates the cart and checkout screens into your profile — which we think is bad. To maximise the chances a shopper will complete their purchase, you want those screens clean and uncluttered and the process as smooth as possible. Jumping to a different layout with profile info at the top, and the checkout / basket pushed down the screen isn’t good.

    @rogercoathup I see what you mean about reengineering the plugin to make it more streamline. Ideally the cart/checkout pages shouldn’t have any distractions that may take the customer away from the job at hand (making payment).



    You guys should tell Woo these suggestions.

    Roger Coathup


    The plugin is 3rd party, not from Woo. It’s owned by Sven, with a lot of the code developed by Boris. But thanks for the advice @modemlooper.

    It’s easy enough to rework it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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