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  • I have problem with saving the edited file. I edit the .po file with poedit, but have the problem with editing the line “You have one new message.” where is located in file on 1335 line

    1335 msgid “You have one new message.”

    1336 msgid_plural “You have %s new messages.”

    1337 msgstr[0] “”

    1338 msgstr[1] “”

    The Poedit can’t edit this line and I can’t save the file.

    Give me error:

    01:52:12: D:WORKBuddyPresstrunk-r570trunkbp-languagesbuddypress_bg-BG.po:1396: missing `msgstr[]’ section

    01:52:12: msgfmt: found 1 fatal error

    This is cool. I think SocialEngine has integrated google maps, and it’s verry interesting.

    Can you tell me from where I can get this widgets who is in home screen of the Mockup theme?

    Mr. Andy if the new theme will hold up, I want to ask you for code of Members and Groups who is show in first page of because I need only them for the project who I want to start.

    I have and another question (or suggestion). Is there possibility tho show all Members and Groups with 1-2-3… pages.

    Thanks very much and I admire from your job.


    Exuse my bad english

    Thanks! I edit this fields in database.

    I’m impatience for new theme ;)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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