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  • BP Template Pack activated – check on!
    create.php in wp-content/themes/ifeature/groups/create.php – checked and modified to my theme (thx again btw :-) )
    All plugins disabled, still no ‘create group’ button, but able to create group via the /create extension.

    I know about the font-family: ‘Nosifer’, cursive; and it is driving me MAD, MAD I say :-) searched everywhere but I can’t locate where it is hardcoded in. Got a colleague of mine on it who claims it’s a easy job, with no luck so far :-)


    Hi Mercime resolves in a 404, also when logged in as superadmin, and I am unable to find any ‘create group’ button.
    There is a ‘Friends’ tab, but I’m not able to search any friend or see who is part of the community.

    Sorry about that, will follow your suggestion


    I seem to have the same problem, not able to create groups.

    I followed the steps above and now have a piece of code that looks like this.

    `  <a class="button" href="”>`

    This, however, only results in a 404 on the groups part of buddypress. Does anybody have an idea of what I did wrong?


    Hmm, I think my problem is a little different. I made a couple of accounts to test out the functionality, and when logged in as one of these users I have access to – not only the dashboard of my main site – but also the dashboard of the other new user that I created.
    There has to be something that I’ve missed since this is not what anybody would want or need.


    Just realized that this properly is a wordpress related problem, but if anyone has any suggestions I’ll take them anyway :-D


    Thanks Mercime

    That totally did the trick :-D

    Hi Mercime and other php gurus :-)

    I figure this is only a small tweak of the code, but I’m unable to fix it as I’m a NooB to wordpress and .php in particular. Do you have any idea about how to fix this issue?
    Sorry to be pushy, I am just really anxious to lauch this buddypress feature to the site I’m building to my son and his like minded friends :-)

    Regards and thx in advance.


    Yeah, I tried different combinations of those lines. I then made everything as the tutorial stated when I posted yes-today. Now it looks like this.
    which produces this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/t/e/ftp_teamrampagedk/wp-content/themes/ifeaturepro/groups/index.php on line 131



    I was (still am, but now also frustrated) thrilled to find this walk through of how to set up buddypress on ifeaturepro’s theme.

    I have follow these steps twice, with the same result – some fatal error.

    You can see the result here
    and the code here

    Could you shed some light on what the issue is here?

    Thx in advance

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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