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  • wpinklady



    Still no luck to find out what’s going on with this ajax conflict problem that I mentioned above.

    1. There are two options under Appearance menu –> BP Theme Compatibility, (since I need the first one enable, so I did not check the first one), and I checked the 2nd one to disabled the “template JS/AJAX”, then save.

    Now, the issue is the “post activity” button will NOT show up if you typed somthing into the post activity text area, but the events manager calendar and map will show up correctly.

    2. If I unchecked this “disable the 2nd option” as first one, I got other issues –

    Now, the “post” button will show up this time after you typed something and you can pressed the “post” button as well, BUT, you will get an error message “There was a problem posting your update, please try again.”, and nothing post.

    The other issue is the map and calendar of events manager won’t show up.

    So, can you tell me what happend? I think it’s related to JS/AJAX to call out more than once or maybe conflict…….?????

    Another question about site – is there any “search” function available on this site? The box on the top corner never works, just wondering how I am going to search this site.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you and please help me to solve those issues, reaally appreciate it.



    Hi, mercime:

    Thanks for your reply.

    – I installed Events Manager to my local testing site and then BP. First, the theme (not WP default theme) and Events Manager conflicts with JavaScript, then I solved this issue for turning off the theme JavaScript. But, after installed BP, the same conflict issue comes again – like I mentioned on my first post above. And, I also have the same issue with the other one (got “post” link, but when you typed something and click the “post”, it kept telling you error, and not doing anything).

    – I installed BP theme pack, but the issues are still there.

    – The “join group” link issued was happened HERE –, I tried to join “Events Manager” group, but it won’t work. This issue is nothing to do on my site, just wondering why it did not allow me to join the group, so I can post questions under that group as well.

    – My WP version is 3.4.2, BP version is 1.6.1, Events Manager 5.2.8, Single site, local machine runs Windows.

    So, what should I do now, or if you still need more details? Please let me know, I really appreciate your help. Thank you.



    I have the same issue – can’t post anything, and I posted the issue to “” as well.

    Hope someone could help me figure out how to solve it. Thank you very much.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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