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404s in latest BP tracked down to qTranslate!

  • wildchild


    There have been a few problems lately since I’ve been upgrading from BuddyPress RC1 to RC2 and finally to v1.0. First I’ve been thinking the problem was strictly BuddyPress related because the slugs like “groups”, “blogs”, “activity” and other BuddyPress specific slugs gave a dreadfull 404 error.

    The problem was tracked down to qTranslate; which cleans the url in it’s hooks routines.

    A temporary fix, to get your main blog working with BuddyPress and qTranslate is to disable clean_url temporary. This could affect SEO results so be careful!

    edit qtranslate_hooks.php

    find the line add_filter(‘clean_url’,’qtrans_convertURL’);

    change this to:

    if (!$wpdb->blogid = 1) { // or any blogid which doesn’t need to serve this ‘bug’…



    I’ve tried putting the remove_filter(‘clean_url’,’qtrans_convertURL’) line in a seperate file to serve as plug-in but it seemed not to work at all, only by changing hard-coded… Anyone?

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  • John James Jacoby


    This is how I made them play nice together also. As a matter of fact, I commented out that filter entirely with no adverse effects, and instead hooked a few other of the BuddyPress URL making functions.

    I’ll be working more on this tomorrow so I’ll post some details in this same post at that point.



    @John: Did you have any details yet about qTranslate & Buddypress? Since this dreadfull bug is still haunting my installation as we speak ;)

    Thanks in advance, Freaking Wildchild.

    John James Jacoby


    Freaking Wildchild, I’m actually in the process still of scraping anything I can out of qTranslate to make a BuddyPress/WPMU specific multi-language plugin. qTranslate had lots of good ideas, but they translate a little strangely to the BP/WPMU way of thinking.

    Will probably be a few days before I have a stable RC version available that won’t potentially break your install, but I haven’t abandoned the project by any means.



    I ran into this issue as well. The other issue with qTranslate is that %postname% gets all language post slugs added after another. Will you post a link here for a more compatible version?

    Thanks for helping out.




    @John: We multilangual users are sitting on the tip of our chairs for qTranslate to work ;)

    Thanks for looking into this; I tried this myself and gave up after a few days because my efforts didn’t really work out good except continuesly corrupting the database with thousands of dupes..

    I wish you the very best luck in getting this fixed …

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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