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Achievements and BP 1.2

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    Any chance that the achievements plugin will work with BP 1.2 and including the new features in the near future?

    Right now the plugin just redirect to home screen any hint please?

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  • Someone (Bowe, where are you!) said they were interested in working with me in fixing up Achievements for BP 1.2. If this happens, I will release a point release. This could conceivably happen within a 2 week time frame, for example.

    However, if the thing with Bowe doesn’t happen, it is more likely to be a month before a new release of Achievements as I’m currently working on a pretty big overhaul to it.

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    Did I hear my name somewhere? I’ve been really busy into all kinds of things lately, but I’m happy to work with you on this one Paul.. I’m no coder but I’m sure I could help you with squashing bugs, design and other stuff! We’ll talk in the chat asap!

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    Yay! I bugged DJPaul so much about the 1.1 upgrade I was afraid to do it again for 1.2….

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    Yay too!

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    Ted Mann


    Yay three!

    At first I wasn’t totally sure how useful BP achievements would be to my site, but with the rise of FourSquare and the popularity of badge-based achievements, it’s now clear that this is a phenomenal way to drive engagement.

    DJPaul, do you think you’ll incorporate some sort of badge system, so that when somebody earns an achievement, you can attach an image or some kind of visual flair to trumpet their success?

    Attach an image to their site-wide picture/gravatar? No. I was thinking something like this, what do you think?

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    Profile subnav tab “badges”

    Then it lists badges. Site owners can create their own badges (graphic) and types (names). Otherwise it will not fit into all the niche sites.

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    Ted Mann


    The example is exactly what I was thinking of. It seems to me that sites that incorporate some kind of graphic badge into their achievements systems get far more adoption than sites that do it with just text/email notifications. FourSquare, Hollrr, etc

    I like @modemlooper’s idea to put the badges under a profile tab. I would also love to come up with a way to tap into this for my blog themes — so that users who have achieved different achievements would have those badges displayed with their avatar (a kind of way to display their authority and credibility).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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