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Activating Buddybar breaks registration links, sends to standard WP page?

  • Hi all,

    I have an odd issue. Until very recently I had the Buddypress Admin Bar disabled on my site with “define(‘BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR’, true);” in my wp-config.php, and have recently decided to give it a go.

    My registration page is at, and sends a prospective user to a signup page. However, if I change ‘true’ to ‘false’, or remove the code, then enable ‘show bar to logged out members’, takes users to the actual wordpress page /register that is linked to buddypress (it says ‘this is a test page for registration’, which I think I wrote myself when trying to get my head around BP as I installed).

    Changing back immediately fixes the problem… I don’t understand!

    I am using s2member and bbpress, and everything is up to date. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know, because I’m tearing my hair out!


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  • I’m not sure what bump etiquette here is, but I seem to have been pushed off the page pretty sharpish so I’m just posting again in the hope that someone can explain what might be going wrong…

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