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Activity sticky plugin duplicates

  • Earl_D


    Just tried out activity sticky looks like great plugin. But on WP 4.53 and BP 2.6 I get duplicate actvity in the from and back end and the message in the activity column of one of the listed activity in the back end
    Unregistered action - sticky_update

    or anyone have any thoughts would love to implement this for sitewide announcements

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  • danbp


    Activity Sticky will effectively showing up twice when it is freshly published. But don’t be scarred, the sticky will remain sticky at the top of the site activity page, and the sticky activity activity will disapear in the activity flow. Same thing on the activity admin. It’s how it works !

    For site wide annoncements, you can also use “Message to all”. The only difference with Sticky, is that the message is only showed individually to a logged-in user. Sticky is always public and limited to ONE announcement.



    Thanks for clarifying that was very helpful. I have not turned on private messages so this works really well as a solution for me.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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