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agenda plugin and file sharing plugin

  • Samuel Aguilera


    I wonder if someone is working on something like this:

    Agenda plugin:

    I’m thinking about an agenda for each user with a month/week/day view (showing available empty hours) with the ability to share it completely with a group (maybe a workgroup) and private (for user only) entries too.

    I know that there’s a BP-Events plugin around, but is just that an “Events” manager, but it doesn’t fit my needs.

    Maybe something like this: (checkout the vertical view, is perfect for this purpose) but integrated like BP-Events into BP.

    File sharing plugin:

    Gives the user the posibility to upload files to his own file repository and sharing files with groups and/or users. Maybe something like but in the BP community front-end, so no need for the user to have a blog to use this.

    I would like to do both by myself :) but I dont have at this moment the required knowlege of the BP functions to do it :‘(

    If there is someone with knowlege (and time :)) enough to help me integrate in BP front-end these plugins, please let me know ;)

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