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Alternate solution for (Rebranding WordPress MU) Plugin

  • Aron Jay


    As we all know, the said plugin cost a little $. Since most of us don’t want to spend something like that for just a simple plugin that can really be done by hard coding BP.

    Rebranding WordPress MU plugin simply does the following:

    – change the footer text in the admin area via Site Admin > Options

    – change the ‘help content’ that slides down all AJAXy via Site Admin > Options

    – change the ‘login’ image via Site Admin > Login Image

    – remove the ‘browse happy’ sticker in the bottom right for IE users

    – removes the wp dashboard widgets

    – removes the ‘permaliinks’ configuration options

    all of it on one plugin.

    Anyway here’s the solution that i went through but not in a single plugin which i think is best since there are some of us would still prefer to leave some wordpress branding in return for the effort of the developers of wordpress. (ok, so much talk here it is).

    Much better solution over the premium plugin.

    – to change the footer text in the admin area use…

    – to change the login image on wp-login.php of MU…

    – configure and override the dashboard widgets…

    – configure the backend menu of sub blogs…permalinks, settings, etc.

    – have a – like backend notice message…

    that’s all, not really overwhelming but i hope some of you would find it very useful as an alternate solution.

    – aron

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  • nicholaszen


    Thank you very much…!!!



    So what do you do, just place this in the plugins directory under wp-content, activate the plugin and then place the logo.gif file in that plugins directory? I’ve done that and its not working?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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