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Any of Plugin OR Possible to create System of Activation Code instead of E-Mail

  • Anonymous User 16484011


    Hi !

    I want to create user registration system different than regular. In WordPress or Buddy Press.

    In regular WP/BP activation system sends a activation e-mail to new users which has activation link and user click on it and the link redirects users to my site again.

    I want the system where users shows a box of activation code enter after they clicking on after filling the registration form. In that Enter Activation Code box users have to enter a code which have been sent to their e-mail. After enter the right code users redirected to their profile page or hone page of my site or etc. where by default WP/BP regular registration systems redirects users after clicking on activation link of activation e-mail.

    Is there any plugin similar like my idea in WP/BP or I can do the same with the help of any plugin ?

    Thank You

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  • shanebp


    Please do not spam these forums.
    That includes posting the same topic in multiple forums.
    Your duplicate topics have been deleted.

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