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Best way to enable facebook login?

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  • justin_k


    I’m the author of WP-FB-AutoConnect; I just wanted to chime in & say that while I have no idea what’s going on with Rocio’s site, I can absolutely guarantee that my plugin does not create duplicate users. Perhaps she’s using an extremely outdated version, or has some other code that’s conflicting with it, etc, but in all the years I’ve been developing this plugin I’ve never received a report of duplicate users (nor have I ever seen them myself – and I still use the plugin on my own personal site, as well as a handful of others I administer).

    Rocio Valdivia


    Hi @justin_k

    thank you very much for your reply and first at all, thank you for your great job with your plugin WP-FB-AutoConnect.

    The issue that I had was 8 months ago, so I apologize if I don’t remember all the details about it. But I remember that the issue was getting the connecting’s user’s email address in some cases.

    The point was that I tested the plugin with different FB users with differents privacy settings and the problem was with those users that had their emails’ visibility for “Only me”

    Everytime that I logged in with the same “Only me FB user”, WP created a new account, so I had duplicated users in those cases.

    I would be very happy if you tell me that I was doing something badly and that your plugin has not that issue.

    Thanks again 🙂




    The plugin identifying returning users is completely independent of and irrelevant to e-mail addresses (and in turn, a users’s e-mail visibility settings are completely irrelevant to a FB platform application being able to access their address). As you can see in the plugin docs ( under “How it works,” the plugin uses WP usermeta to tag a given account to a given Facebook *userid* (not e-mail). The only time it uses e-mail matching is for first-time logins of existing WP users, but after that, the same user logging in over and over will not generate duplicate WP accounts under any circumstances – because they always have the same FB uid, and that uid is already associated with a WP account. If you’re getting duplicate accounts on your blog, that’s evidence that there’s something very fundamentally strange about your installation – though I wouldn’t be able to debug it without a full report, along with the information requested in a support ticket here:



    After much screwing around, i recommend Social Login. it seems to integrate well with BuddyPress…

    Henry Wright


    Do you have a link to Social Login?

Viewing 5 replies - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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