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Better Group or Course Search / filtering for Buddypress courseware

  • rs43rs


    I am a newbie so please bear with me and please let me know if i have not posted by question in right forum.

    I am trying to create an e-learning website using buddypress courseware. I am thinking of using multisite. 1 site will be for home page, searching courses, other useful pages and blog. another site will be entirely for buddypress courseware. There will be a common global membership feature. I want to create a nice beautiful landing + search page from where students can explore courses. It should have good filtering options. This is pretty much how i want to create it . Is there any plugin i am not able to find to do this or way to achieve it by customisation. Open for any kind of help/suggestions.

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  • Tele-Cole


    You can stil make run buddypress courseware with the current buddypress version?

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