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Blog Registration Is Currently Disabled when it shouldnt be!

  • Diesel Laws


    Hi all,

    For some reason, users can no longer create blogs on the website

    When someone registers with the website they can create a blog there. So that works fine.

    But if they do not create a blog at the start of registration then to create one they will essentially have to click on MY BLOGS>CREATE A BLOG.

    But for some reason this is coming up as Blog Registration Is Currently Disabled!

    In the options menu I have option 2 selected, the blog tracking is on, and the limit blogs plugin is set to 1. I have tried disabling blogs and re-enabling however this has had no effect.

    Please advise which glitch this is and if anyone else is having this weird problem.

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  • Diesel Laws


    1. WordPress MU 2.8.6

    2. Directory

    3. Root

    4. Yes, 2.8.4 I believe

    5. Yes

    6. 1.1.3

    7. 1.1.2

    8. Yes, a lot, however they were installed previously

    9. Customised

    10. Slightly in regards to avatars not working

    11. no

    12. bbPress built-in

    13. Few errors but nothing that I believe relates

    14. Hostmonster



    “limit blogs plugin is set to 1”

    That’s where it goes awry. Remember that your members already have 1 blog – even as a subscriber to the blog where your BuddyPress is installed, that is counted. So increase Limit Blogs to 2 so that in addition to main blog as subscriber or whatever role you made them to be, they can create one new blog for themselves.

    Diesel Laws


    @mercime – You my friend are the saviour of the blogosphere! Thank you so much!

    Changed to 2 blogs allowed and it works – however….

    Now it brings up the other issue (not life threatening), when they subscribe for a new blog it removes their role on the main blog. Which now means they can still create another blog – so essentially they can have two blogs if they want – I have searched and it seems like other users have this issue, please post an issue if you find one, but for now this problem is considered fixed! Thanks so much mercime!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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