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Blogs Aren't Working at All: Page Not Found

  • dpee


    Hi, I Can’t Really Figure Out Whats Going On, Im running buddypress 1.13 with wordpress mu 2.9.1and the BP default theme. Everything is working fine including forums, although my activity feed is hours behind, but thats an issue for later. Simply right now I can’t figure out how to get any blogs working other then my admin, I have created plenty and had users create a bunch to but to no avail. Im sure this has happened to a bunch so I hope I can get some help. Thanks so much.

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  • Obuisson1976



    This is not a problem with buddypress or wpmu. it is a problem with your dns configuration.

    You must add a wildcard entry to your DNS server like :

    * IN CNAME (don’t forget the last dot)

    Brajesh Singh



    Is this a new Installation of mu, I mean, Mu is installed on your root domain


    If Mu is not on root domain, you may not use subdomain style blogs, In that case You will have to go for category style sub blogs.

    If Mu is on root domain, follow what @Obuisson1976 has mentioned, or just create a wild card subdomain, (i.e. *) in your cpanel->subdomains.

    That should make it work.


    If I initially configured Mu to use subdomains, but now want to change to subdirectories, is there a way to make that change to the configuration?



    in wp-config, define vhost=yes for subdomains, =no for subdirectories



    Sorry for the delay.. I’m not quite tech savvy so my cirtex hosting operators helped install it for me. Im assuming that its installed on a subdirectory because of the whole thing, and I have another website running regular wordpress at

    So what I am understanding from these posts is that because of how I have installed it, I cannot make a blog rather it had to be a blog ? Either way it doesn’t matter to me too much I’d just like to get it working, so what Exactly am i to do?

    Sorry for being such a Newb



    Had the guys at Cirtex do the DNS registry and still no luck, any Ideas?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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