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BP Photos+tags not working

  • erikahrend


    Hi, I have installed the BP Photos+Tags plugin to allow my users to upload and tag pictures. I have two problems with the plugin:

    First, because I have a theme installed (and custom template pack), the album and picture pages are not properly formatted and are all over the place (completely screwed the page).

    Secondly, the tagging feature, which is the main feature for which I opted for this plugin is simply not working. A “tag this picture” button appears under the picture, but nothing is happening when i click it, I just canĀ“t tag the pictures. I wonder if there is any experience with this plugin and if anybody knows how to solve this issue.

    As an aside, could anybody recommend a photo plugin that would allow my users to tag friends in the pictures. Ideally, the plugin would allow the tagging on friends but not exclusively on my pictures, but friends pictures too..

    Thanks in advance for any kind help.



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  • @mercime


    @erikahrend that plugin has not been updated since 2011 and therefore would not likely be compatible with BP 1.6



    I understand, thanks for your reply. Is there any gallery plugin that you know of that will allow the tagging of the pictures by the members?




    Hi, @erikahrend there’s no plugin now that does that, but if you can manage to code a bit you can use de “BP Labs” plugin mention autocomplete feature disguising it as “tags”. You will not have the feature of pointing specific x1 y1 / x2 y2 square tag position but at least your members will be able to mention “who appears in this pic?” and the mentioned users will be notified… maybe that will suit for a while :/

    Roger Coathup


    @erikahrend – we have an album plugin that supports full member tagging of photos – we should have an announcement shortly regarding its release — watch this space!



    Thanks guys for your kind replies. @rogercoathup, will your plugin allow users to create several galleries? And will users be able to tag other users (their buddies) on photos not their own?

    Thanks again.



    @erikahrend – I managed to get it working on bp 1.6.1, was a bit of a mission… I read in another post somewhere that the plugin conflicts with anothet plugin called BP Album, even if you installed it before just for testing, and uninstalled it, Album causes Photo+tag to “work” but not allow the tagging procedure.

    For me a plugin like this is FUNDAMENTAL to any good social network… so NOT being a PHP programmer of any note, (an old ASP guy), i decided two nights ago that I was not going to sleep till I got this working…

    Anyway in a nutshell, I replace every reference in all photo+tag pages from “album” to “albumtag”, making sure any capitalisation e.g. ALBUM was replaced with ALBUMTAG… anyway long story short, it works in WP3.4.2 and BP 1.6.1…

    NOW PLEASE PHP gurus… why overlook the importance of this PLUGIN. It has the foundings of something great… If I had the skills needed I would

    > Improve the drop down box that allows you to select the BP member you are tagging
    > Add uploaded pics to an “album” folder with a thumb
    > send auto message to tagged person saying “you have been tagged” – yes i know it posts a notification on their activity feed…

    ANY VOLUNTEERS – c’mon lets not let this great plugin go to waste !!! LEND A HAND, MAKE BP GREAT

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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