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Buddypress 1.2 and WP

  • nig3d



    can somebody explain me the different to use WordPress rather than WordPress MU with the new 1.2 version? Thanks.

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  • Andy Peatling


    If you want your users to be able to create a blog and have it be tracked then use MU, otherwise use WP. There is no difference other than that.

    and as a note, when WP and WPMU merge, you will have a merge script to port any existing installation to the new structure, so you loose nothing and you will not be broken… i could say that 95% of the existing addons will still work with WP*mu 3.0!

    Andrea Rennick


    “you will have a merge script to port any existing installation to the new structure,”

    Just a minor correction: in 3.0 you just upgrade. That’s it.

    There were tow conversations going on about needing a script, one was in regard to making wp 3 have multiple blogs. This happens now in trunk via switching on an option. (way cool btw)

    The other conversation about needing a script, was referring to people who had multiple single WP installs and wanted to merge them into one wp 3 install.

    So – if you start now with BP on MU or on WP, when 3.0 comes out, you upgrade as usual.

    And it’s WordPress 3.0. :D



    Thanks Andrea, I just didn’t understand if WPMU won’t exist anymore because it will be merged with WP as option (that would be smart I suppose)

    Arx Poetica


    @andrea_r i was wondering this. that is BRILL. :)


    Installed Buddypress 1.2 Beta on WP 2.9.1 (not MU). The dashboard disappeared – only the column on the left remained. After deleting the plugin from the file-system, all was back to normal again.

    This means that I couldn’t change the theme or do any other admin tasks …..any suggestions?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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