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BuddyPress 1.8.1 and WPtouch 3 ??

  • BBIndikator



    hope someone can give me short answers, I´m a Newbie for BuddyPress.

    BuddyPress 1.8.1 is installed on our Website and it seems that it works pretty nice (we´re just start to test it a few days ago). Thumbs up for the developers !!

    We´re using a responsive theme but we see that the loading time is to big on mobile devices so we want to purchase WPtouch Pro 3 to reduce traffic.

    Does anybody has experience with them two? Can they work together without issues?

    We definitely want to go mobile with BuddyPress. If WPtouch isn´t compatible with BuddyPress, has anybody an idea what we can use (can´t find buddypress mobile, it is removed?) .. ? We want the complete Website change for better mobile experience not just BuddyPress.

    We found also “WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin – Pro”. Has someone experience with this Plugin?

    (Hope my english isn´t to bad)

    Best regards

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  • modemlooper


    WPTouch doesn’t load anything less. It is essentially just another theme with a mobile UI. Also, the template files of BuddyPress are not 100% responsive and do not fit perfectly inside WPTouch. You would have to make them look proper.

    If load times are slow then it could be that you are just loading too many files. This is an issue on even desktop browsers because more people visit websites from mobile browsers than from a pc now. I suggest you deal with making your regular site more data efficient in addition to serving up a better visual for small screens.



    Hi modemlooper,

    thanks for reply!

    I think the content looks pretty nice with WPtouch on Smartphones and tablets. WPtouch has one cool feature: you can disable plugins that you don´t wanna use on mobile devices and if I understand it right, you can break down the content a little bit?

    You say BuddyPress isn´t 100% responsive, but is it possible to fix the Layout issues just with css? I´m really good with css, but I´m not very familiar with php and javascript..

    What´s up with BuddyPress Mobile? Can´t find it anywhere. Is this an alternative?

    Do you have any experience with “WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin – Pro”?



    But I’m working on version 2

    I know WPTouch 3 has some improvements with only loading it’s own theme and files to lessen the loading times but it’s still the full WP theme getting swapped out for another theme. This is how nearly all the mobile plugins work.

    You can edit the BP templates to make them fit into WPTouch or other mobile themes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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