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  • windhillruss


    Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to test v10. When the Option for Admin to approve requests is active and ‘Allow anyone to Register’ is disabled, the Registration form says ‘Member Registration is currently not allowed’ Using the Beehive Theme which styles Buddypress. Similarly, Beehive’s Ajax Login Modal says ‘Sign-Up not allowed’ It appears like a Catch22 situation. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks.



    The migration to WordPress rewrites API is a welcome change, although quite late to the party. We’ve been experimenting a lot lately inside BuddyPress core and now with this change do you think we can remove initialisation of BuddyPress on all the Pages in WordPress ?
    The BuddyPress gets initialised on all the pages / posts of WordPress, creating its massive object at run time using URL’s. This creates an overhead as BuddyPress gets initialised on page where it is not in use.
    Do you think, migrating to WP Rewrites, we can take this up and remove this forced initialisation.

    Hi @windhillruss thanks a lot for your feedback I believe it’s just a matter of theme template updates. @dcavins can you have a look at it?

    Hi @wackao,

    Thanks for your feedback: migrating our Legacy URL parser to WP Rewites is quite a challenge because as you wrote, we’ve been postponing this change probably too much. There’s a risk some BuddyPress plugin features stop behaving the way they should, that’s we chose the feature as plugin approach: to try to do it smoothly ☺️. About your concern, I believe we can at least improve this using BP Rewrites, yes 😉. I’ll keep it in mind following our progress on it 👌

    Thanks @windhillruss for your feedback. I’m not able to test the Beehive theme (because it is a paid theme). It sounds like the theme has its own version of register.php which will need to be updated. Can you have a look and let me know if the theme does contain a register.php file?

    We’ve introduced a new helper function, bp_allow_access_to_registration_pages(), to figure out whether the registration page is accessible that the developers will want to start using (if BP>=v10):

    Regarding the login form, here are some examples of the filters we used to add “request membership” links to the various WP login forms:

    Thanks again for your testing! It’s greatly appreciated! If the Beehive devs care to share some of their code to a Trac ticket, I’d be happy to take a more specific look.



    Hi David, thanks for looking at this! From what I can see there isn’t a specific register.php but the Theme (in my opinion) has taken your excellent Buddypress to a whole new level by some very clever and minimalist styling. The developers are incredibly responsive to user enquiries and what I will do is drop them a support email enquiring as to their preparedness for V10 and I’ll let you know what they say! Thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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