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BuddyPress 10.1.0

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  • anythingnaija1


    Hello buddyprwss family, good day am having issues with budypress I thought it was a youzify thing till I disabled all plugins. The problem is that when you upload a profile photo on my site it will upload successfully and then show you where to crop, when you crop the image and click on crop to save it shows up the red box without any message on it and the image doesn’t display. Now when you go to the upload folder to avatar you will see those images there but they can’t show. Uploading via media works fine, I have changed the permission to 755 to 777 yet this can’t work. I have tried deleting htaccess and saving permalink for new one and it doesn’t work. Only budypress is active now and it’s showing same error. I can’t figure out what’s wrong I even downgrade to other versions of budypress and WordPress no solution. Please help.



    This same issue exists on the buddypress org site as I can’t upload pictures and it shows http error just like my site.

    thanks for your feedback @anythingnaija1

    I wonder how you did notice the issue on this site as my profile simply let me the option to use a gravatar 🤔.

    Change profile photo

    In BuddyPress 10.0.0 we’ve added the possibility to save an history of the uploaded avatars, that’s the only thing I can see to cause your specific config these kind of troubles.

    I’d be interested to see the last lines of your server’s error_log file. You can try to disable the avatar history feature like this:

    Create a bp-custom.php file into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site and add this code into it:

    add_filter( 'bp_disable_avatar_history', '__return_true' );
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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