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BuddyPress 8.0.0 Release Candidate

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  • vapvarun


    When the Name field does not have value, WordPress fresh install
    PHP 8: Warning: Only the first byte will be assigned to the string offset in C:\Users\varun\Local Sites\buddyx\app\public\wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-xprofile\bp-xprofile-functions.php on line 1315

    Thanks for your feedback, I’ll look at it 👍



    Hi, I noticed that there is a compatiblilty issue with 8.0 and MyCred. I raised the issue with them, but just would like to highlight it here also.

    The issue is that they are using the bp_core_signup_send_activation_key filter with one paramater.

    In BP 8.0, this conflicts with add_filter( 'bp_core_signup_send_activation_key', 'bp_members_invitations_cancel_activation_email') which has 5 paramaters.

    This results in the following error:
    Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function bp_members_invitations_cancel_activation_email(), 1 passed in /var/www/html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 292 and exactly 5 expected

    I just wanted to highlight the issue here as well, even though I think the issue is that they are not using the filter correctly



    p.s. the error occurs when both plugins are active (MyCred and BP 8.0), so anyone who has MyCred installed and upgrades to BP8 could see their site crash. (I am not sure if WordPress would catch this during the Upgrade)

    Also, wonderful work on 8.0. Some really great new features added.

    Hi @comminski

    Thanks a lot for your feedback 😍. I’ll patch this asap into BuddyPress 8.0.0 to avoid this fatal error.



    I tried to download and install the 8.0RC1 version and when trying to activate is states there is a bad header.



    I narrowed the blank web page (for me) right down to Grimlock plugin. When enabled it stops invitations fields underneath [Send Invites] to seem for kitchen link – every body any thoughts?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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