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Buddypress activity plus 1.4.1 & iPad

  • valuser


    Great plugin. Many thanks.

    It appears to me that v. 1.4.1 works perfectly on macs / pcs but for some reason does not on the iPad. Reverting to v.1.4 solves this. Anyone else experience this ??

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  • It is very strange that hasn’t integrated links/video/photos to the Activity Stream and that we depend only on WPMUDEV for this one plugin to solve an extremely obvious and basic issue for ANY social networking solution (it is inconceivable not to have media uploading capacities in the Activity Stream).

    Also it is incredible that only ONE plugin exists to solve this thing…thx to the lack of competition the developer of this plugin rests on a very incomplete solution with no apparent sense of urgency to make it better (please someone develop a competing plugin!).

    In the meantime I adhere to the needs of this forum that it is imperative that this plugin must be compatible with iOS6 (all apple products).

    IT IS URGENT!!!!!!!

    NOTE: The fact that this plugin is offered for free does not give license to the developer to make it lousy…it undermines the whole open-source wordpress enterprise.



    I think so.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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