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BuddyPress + for Campaign Website

  • We are trying to integrate ecommerce and membership management (newsletter, stats, etc) capabilities into Buddy Press.

    We are setting up a campaign website on the MU platform to use the strength of WP’s CMS for the blog, new, media parts of the site – and then utilize MU and BuddyPress to allow campaigners / supports a place to communicate and interact. (similar to Barak’s “”)

    We want to allow supports to donate to the campaign and track there donations on their member pages. I’m looking into a 3rd Party Member management platform called “amember” ( as it has a wordpress integration plugin and offers the ability to sell “subscription” products. It is only tested with the standard version of WP – not MU, so I’m running into some database issues where the wp_1_ prefix is throwing me for a loop. (I’m not the best PHP programmer)

    Any thoughts on using these two platforms together? Is there a better solution?

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  • nicolagreco


    i wrote a plugin to integrate Your Member in buddypress

    Thanks for the reply – I’d love to hear more. Are you selling the plugin? Is “Your Member” comparable to “amember”? I’ve already purchased the pro version of amember – so it would need to be pretty inciting to switch at this point, but I’m certainly open to it.

    just read about Your Member – I don’t think it will work for our needs. AIM payment integration is essential and it seems Your Member is PayPal only.



    Hi nicolagreco

    Is your plugin for Your Member available?

    I went through buddypressdev but could not find anything.

    Please PM me if this is available.




    I am using aMember with buddypress and muWordpress. They sell the muWordpress plugin that is needed to work with aMember. It works the way it was made, which is for subdirectories. It does not work with subdomains. So, I set it to only create a user account and then go in manually to create the blog. Not the best ideal, but it works.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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