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BuddyPress AND Community Blog

  • youngmicroserf


    Hi, I’m currently updating a bigger blog with a couple of community features. There will be two blogs, one main public blog and one community blog. People can sign up and will instantly be assigned contributor status on the community blog. Their articles will be published on the community blog after a simple editorial review, but when an editor likes what they write, he should be able to also put it to the main public blog. In that case, it should appear in the main blog and be added to the main blog’s database (which, will probably give the author a contributor membership for that blog).

    So I’ve been wondering what the best solution for this would be and I would be grateful for any input, particularly with respect to the “lifting” problem.

    Do you reckon this would work with a default Buddypress Group with Group Blog Plugin and Sitewide featured posts? Or that, at least, those plugins would be a good starting point for a custom modification? If it would/should work, would this also work if BP were installed on a secondary blog? (as per

    Thanks for any insights and any help!

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  • Mariusooms


    The GroupBlog plugin does not fit into that structure really well. While it does some of it, it really is going a different direction in its approach. You’d be best to take a look at this plugin:

    It is no longer under development for a year and will not be updated either. It will not work with 1.2, but it does do what you desire. You could at least use that as a starting point and port the code to bp1.2.



    Cheers Mariusooms, I’ll check that out!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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