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Buddypress and wp-wishlist help

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    We need someone to help us with a Buddypress installation that has been installed with wordpress MU and wp-wishlist. We are having a problem with people registering with Wp-wishlist and buddypress then not being able to view their Buddypress profile. Whenever you try to view their profiles you are redirected to the home page and we cannot figure out why this is. So we are looking for someone with expeience in wordpress MU, Buddypress and Wishlist who can help us make them all work together smoothly.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    I suggest contacting the developers of the 3rd-party plugin WishList Member and ask if and when they plan to support BP v1.1.1. Provide them with the issues you are experiencing. Since it is a paid-for plugin, and not an open source, freely available plugin, they should provide the assistance. I won’t even go into the issue of possible GPL license infringement–besides mentioning it.

    Also, I’m not sure why you want to use that plugin as its purpose is to turn a WordPress-powered site into a membership-driven site. This is what BuddyPress does and a whole lot more. Better yet, BuddyPress is free!

    I’m also moving this thread to “Third Party Components & Plugins” as it is does not pertain to BuddyPress but a conflict with a 3rd-party plugin.


    It was actually a problem with the member URL so I added:


    to my wp-config.php file and everything is working again.



    Dear lswalker85,

    Yours is the same solution I am looking to implement, but after looking everywhere I had not yet been able to confirm definitively whether WPMU works with WishList and BuddyPress. Does it?

    Thank you very much!




    GPL’ed software can be sold with no licensing problems. ‘Free’ as in freedom not beer.

    I am wondering if buddypress has support for a paid registration system.



    though encrypting the code is I believe definitely a no-no.



    @ Aufumy: The only paid registration system that comes close to your request is the “Supporter” plugin over at wpmu-dev. It’s a paid plugin though.



    The Supporter plugin only protects access to themes and plugins once you’re a registered user. I think what we’re all after is a means to turn BuddyPress into a PAID platform – where you have to pay to create a profile or see anyone elses.

    Anyone have any luck with this so far?

    I’m also looking for a paid membership plugin for the buddypress platform. I’ve looked into wp-member which seems to have really bad reviews, and the wishlist member, which seems not to work with buddypress. There’s also the supporter plugin, but it only protects themes.

    Is there a known solution for this?



    Has anyone determined if wishlist membership works with Buddy Press?

    Or have you found other plugins that work to protect your site content ?



    Wishlist works perfectly fine with BuddyPress. I have installed it now with a new site. No problems whatsoever.

    Craig Sunney


    Thanks Armand,

    Was that a single install of WP or WPMU?

    Regarding the question by Jeff Sayre (hello Jeff :) on Why WP-Wishlistmember….. it adds the granular control to setup of access control to sections of content by level, but (more importantly for us) allow that content to be dripped out over time. …and the flexibility to show different content (anything including payment buttons, text, images etc) on the same page or post depending on the member’s level.

    I’ve not yet seen anything else that allows us to do this. The closest solution was Amember, and that required separate dashboards. I am open to being shown how to do this in other ways with compatible buddypress plugins..

    Support ticket back from WP-Wishlist today regarding integration with community features/plugins (like those offered by Buddypress) in the future

    Thank you for your message.

    I did a search for Buddy Press and Wishlist member and it appears someone was able to make the two work together.

    With that being said, we do not have any documentation on or offer support for Buddy Press or for other plugins.

    WishList is compatible with most plugins, but we just do not have the time to test them all. We wish we could.

    We will start development for a forum add-on soon but I can’t give you a definite timeline at this point.

    Take Care,

    Thanks for any comments..




    best solution I’ve found for a member based (subscription type) plugin is the new S2Member plugin.. It’s very well documented and free :)

    Craig Sunney


    Thanks Bowe for the S2Member suggestion. I did see this while clicking around. Looking more closely, the two missing elements for us are:-

    * the heavy lifting that WP-Wishlist does in working with payment processors outside paypal & affiliate systems.

    * the private_tag protection of individual text that allows you to personalize the same page to show different content based on level…..(which can be also be a combination of all-access or “drip feed” for learning situations)

    I really appreciate the suggestion. Thank you :)

    Craig Sunney


    Last night I ran through a setup and successfully installed Buddypress 1,2,3 on WordPress 2.9.2 without hitch. Nothing inside WP-Wishlist member stopped working.

    So for me it works with WP-Wishlist as Armand above says.

    My next problem is to get the Thesis 1.6 Child theme (called Genealogies) to play nice with Buddypress

    Marj Wyatt


    This thread is quite interesting to me, and I do appreciate everyone’s thoughtful posts.

    I may sound silly asking some of these questions so I would like to beg your forgiveness in advance,

    1) Is WPMU still a base requirement for BuddyPress?
    2) When a membership site is using BuddyPress, WordPress or WPMU (if required), 1ShoppingCart, and Wishlist Member, is the login seamless?

    I guess further questions are relatd to the answers to these. Thanks in advance for your responses!



    1) You can use any version of WP now for BP. WPMU allows users to create their own blogs though, and a few BP plugins require it (BP Group Wiki, BP Groupblog, BP Classifieds).
    2) Depends on the third-party plugin in question.

    Susan Liddy


    Hi! Question for you all…

    Can we use Wishlist member to protect our Buddypress installation?
    We only want paid members to be a part of our Buddypress social network.
    Can this be done?

    :) Susan

    Michel Fortin


    Susan, I know this is old news, but I use Private BuddyPress:

    It protects BP pages that are not protected by WishList.



    I’m trying to do this as well. I’m very familiar with Wishlist, and how to protect pages. But since the “pages” created by BuddyPress are not true WP “pages,” I can’t find any way to protect them…Has anyone had luck with this?

    Another negative vote for wp-member – they refuse to give source code / help / proper documentation / refunds ;(

    We recommend s2member – the free version is far superior than most paid plugins

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