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BuddyPress Beta 2

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  • cikguazleen


    I’ve downloaded the Beta 2 but couldn’t find any info about upgrading from the previous version. Do I just replace the old file with the new one?

    Replace the files and maybe hit the main blog dashboard as the “site-admin” to be sure ;)


    Yep, backup and replace everything.



    Thank you. Done it – I’ve installed back from zero because while installing BBpress I messed up the database.

    I’ve noticed that the ‘news’ has changed to ‘blog’ in the beta version. How do I changed that ‘blog’ to ‘news’?



    What are the improvements made in beta2?



    WPMU 2.7 and BuddyPress 1.0b2 installed without problems on my blog, for Portuguese-Brazilian accent in the old topics were lost, but the forum is much faster now.

    There are no feature enhancements other than you can now edit a group avatar.

    There have been over 140 bugs fixed in this version, you can see all the bugs fixed by clicking the link below. Every bug with the date back to Dec 15th has been fixed since beta 1.

    You should find the second beta has far less bugs.

    @cikguazleen You can change it back to news with the following code:

    function blog_to_news() {
    return 'news';
    add_filter( 'bp_home_blog_slug', 'blog_to_news' );

    Add that to a new file and drop it into mu-plugins.



    @ apeatling

    I did that, but it still didn’t change.

    Kevin Ryman


    I think “News” fits better than “Blogs” for an actual WPMU/BuddyPress site. Just my opinion… :)

    I agree. Users will be confused by having a “Blog” menu item and a “Blogs” item. They won’t necessarily understand that “Blog” means the blog of the main/host site. “News” is a much better choice, IMHO. I think people will understand that this means news or other info from the main/host site.

    The problem with decisions like this one as it always splits people down the middle. You can’t win either way. :)

    I’ll make sure it’s easy to change.

    Just upgrade…one problem…

    I cannot change the Avatar of a group I am admin of…I get “Permission Denied.”

    I can do everything else in the group as Admin.



    i have exactly the same problem as stevefdl

    @stevefdl @chouf: make sure you have the file: member-themes/THEMENAME/groups/admin/group-avatar.php in your member theme.

    This can be found in the default member theme, just copy it over.

    That worked. I didn’t change any of the template files in the upgrade…didn’t think I needed too :)



    Worked too, thank you Andy !



    After upgraded the main blog of my site in “blog” show “Not found”

    I can reach it by recent post.

    Any advise?

    I have the same issue as kazama the blog actually redirects to the login portion if logged out and if logged in just recycles back to my profile…. could this be a rewrite issue…

    Also I can not get anything to appear in the news area when clicked everything else works great version 1.0b2 from the combo download I avoid the trac as it is on a public server build…

    If you are having redirect problems, make sure everything in your themes functions.php file contains everything in the latest function.php of the BuddyPress themes.

    updated to the latest SVN checkout and it sorted all my issues as far as I can see I have no bugs to report weeeee only got the dedicated server built last saturday…

    also just noted that when upgrading you have to reactivate the buddy home theme this gave me a blank screen…



    my web is

    can someone check the “blog” link and tell me why?




    I have installed wp mu 2.7, it works great, i can creat new blogs and users, subdomens work too, but when I loaded bp1 beta 2(in mu-plugins), admin panel doesnt work, I also loaded member-themes in wp-content and buddypress-home in themes, and 777 on httpdocs and wp-content, what is wrong? thanks



    @kazama: What Andy said above, update your “buddypress-home” theme to the latest version and it will solve your problems (it did for me).

    John James Jacoby


    So the above little blog to news function doesn’t work for me.

    I’m not using the trunk, just the most recent beta. Could that be the problem?

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 29 total)
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