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BuddyPress – Events Component (like facebook)

  • I was wondering, is there a buddypress component/plugin that acts like the Facebook “Events”.

    Basically I would like another component that is an “events” component. Where users can create an event, invite others, and then post a date when it will happen.

    I found :

    however.. it doesn’t work. When I try to activate it, it says the plugin has an invalid header.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.



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  • Well, I feel like an idiot, when it says READ THE READ ME. READ IT!


    Anyway, that events component is working great.

    Works on 1.1. Although there are a few bugs. It doesn’t appear to be in active development at the moment however and breaks when used with the new default theme in 1.2-rare (development version of BP). We’re all hoping it will be kept up-to-date since it’s a great and much needed plugin.

    Mike Pratt


    I just sent Erwin Gerrits (the dev) a personal email at least trying to find out if this has been abandoned so we can commit hope elsewhere

    Thanks, the problem was because I had to unpack the zip folder before I could upload it. There is a folder WITHIN the main folder you have to upload, and then you need to upload another folder within your theme directory.

    I just was stupid and didn’t read the readme, mainly because I thought I could just install it from the plugins section on my site.

    Anyway, this bp-events component works perfectly for what I want.



    First let me say to Erwin… thank you because I know that his Events plugin made myself and A LOT of people give Buddypress a second (and third) look. He is to be commended for his work. This plugin as well as the new default theme are what is going to help massive adoption by web developers who are stuck with services like NING.

    On a side note it is AMAZING how quickly Ning has responded to the NEW competition. LOL! You have to smile…

    Mike Pratt


    Erwin IS to be commended. Great guy.

    So what is up with Ning? How have they responded? They have been traditionally “our way our the highway”



    Oh Mike go over ther you have to see the show… features people were begging for a long time they are rolling out in quick fashion. They have a new twitter integration (a lot like twire if you ask me). You can easily generate your own sitemaps now, and a few others like javascript in the network headers. I’m telling you Buddypress must really have them scared. :-)

    I keep one eye on what they have going on because I still have a few networks that I am wanting to export/import out of there… But I will never ever go back to that joint I love Buddypress! In addition there is no way the Ning freemium business model is going to be sustainable aver the long term. They are going to have to take liberties from their networks sooner or later. It will be more painful the next time they do.



    I love bp-events.. such a great feature.

    I’m new to BuddyPress, but love it already, and would love to see bp-events evolve and gain features (like mapping event locations, etc.)…

    However, I’m very much a noob in all things “‘Press” so far (hopefully that will change), so I’m wondering if in the case that Erwin stops developing the bp-events plugin… if there have been cases where other developers take over something like this.

    Even better, would the events function eventually be rolled into the BuddyPress suite of plugins? :)

    Hard to say Joseph. But it’s safe to say that events is a component that a lot of people will want. So I can’t imagine a future where there wouldn’t be some kind of solution. The demand is there. How patient we mere mortals (non-programmers) have to be is another story.



    Has anyone tried “BuddyPress calendar and event plugin” from I would like to see it somewhere live and there is no demo available. It looks pretty good – Events are tied to groups, same as forums.

    I just asked them if it will be work with BP 1.2 and if there are any plans on offering a free feature less version.

    Don’t know but I’m working on my own events component fwiw

    I guess that’s a pretty good answer joseph! Two other possibilities already. One paid and one perhaps just starting out… but nevertheless. I’m sure there will be options. Too bad about the slow progress of bp-events. Maybe Erwin is just taking a well deserved break.

    @21cdb Wow. Good catch! Why did I not know about this plugin?! Maybe I looked at it months ago and discounted it because of the fee and the fact that bp-events was looking good at the time. I’d be more than happy to pay if it’s a decent plugin. I wish they had demo pages of their plugins so you could try before you buy. But it looks good based on the description. Directory listings. Groups and Profile integration. Calendar views. And even Google Maps integration (probably a simple feature to add… but still cool).

    The only thing is… I would not mind paying. $79 is a small price to pay. But I’d hate to join just for that one plugin and then drop my membership and miss out on any and all future updates. Hmm. And there’s no way I can afford $79/mo. on an ongoing basis.

    I also just posted asking if it will work with 1.2.



    @David: I have the exact same problem. A demo site with all plugins would be great. My site is a non-profit site, but i wouldn’t mind pay for it. I really think events should be a core component, because 90% of all communities would benefit from such a feature. Same is valid for an album component. But on the other hand buddypress is driven by only 2 guys and they are doing an absolute awesome job, so i do understand that not every wish come true.

    @DJPaul: I’m really happy that you are going to develop your own component. May i ask if you have any plans to provide it for free and if its also focused on groups? I know ur Achievements plugin and i really like it. It doesn’t fit my target audience, but you could count me in for testing an events component if u need any help.



    I’m with you David. I just posted a comment on that plugin to ask about changes to their subscription model. $79 is a small price to pay for something that powerful but unlike other software, you NEED to be able to get updates with how often bp/wp updates come out. The difference is that unlike other software that means you just don’t get new features, this plugin will probably BREAK when the new version comes out. Think about having to keep buying a game for your xbox every time xbox live gets updated or having to rebuy software every time microsoft updates windows with patches.

    I propose that for subscription models like them, that it would be good if they offered free upgrades to software THAT YOU HAD ACCESS TO WHEN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WAS LIVE. I can understand not giving you acess to new software/plugins but if they just offered you updates for something like 6 months, that would be sufficient. or else, if they just sold the plugin by itself and you received updates for free, that would work too.

    For instance, i register and download theme A and plugin A and cancel my subscription. Next month plugin b comes out and BP 1.2 comes out. I can understand not getting plugin B but if plugin A breaks with 1.2, that means that I paid $79 for it to work for a month and then will need to buy it again.

    Am I crazy in thinking this? I’m sure like me this project has a very limited budget and $80 a month just to make sure that my site will continue to function is a bit out of range.



    the situation you described above is exactly why I cancelled my subscription.. I’ve downloaded almost every plugin that might come in handy I prayed that they keep on working on WPMU/BP because you will not receive support after a cancellation of your subscription. They have some good plugins but I also noticed their work is not always as good as it seems to be features and support wise.

    Not saying it’s bad or anything, absolutely not. But they seem to have much on their plates workwise and that means that fixes/new features are not added as fast as you would like. Just my opinion and I do like their support and service they offer :-)

    on wpmudev, i also cancelled my subs after the first month… ok, at first i was sure it was a monthly payment, not a subscription, so i did not care… but the day the paypal sent me a notice about the renewal, i was shocked.. lol i requested a refund, they refused. and worst, i requested a refund and instead of it, my account was cancelled … on day one of the second month subs… come on… what, 80$…

    on my site, people pay 2 kinds of subscriptions… half price if you do not require support… 25$ for a complete month without limit… that’s good.. lol. and all the tools on my site are bringing profits on a site, so it’s a low price. but wpmu, they do not worth 80$/m…

    we can’t point out their technique, i was the one who registered first, they did not force me to, so i can’t blame them… but as i donate to all the coders that i use the codes from, that was a big 2 months donation.. lol

    that’s one of the faces of GPL… someone can subscribe to a site like this, steal the whole work, recode the tools and re-release them for free or even paid… nobody will be able to say a word, because that’s why the GPL was built…



    I don’t mind subscription services and believe that they should be compensated, but $79 a month is a bit high. I paid for $30 for buddydev for 3 months and think that’s worth it.

    If I could buy outright the magazine theme to try and the calendar plugin and receive updates, I’d pay $79 for them right now, even if I just got updates for 6 months or so.I just don’t want to commit to that much per month with bp 1.2 pending, wpmu 2.9 pending, etc.



    the business-model of a monthly SUBSCRIPTION for a plugin is a ripp-off.

    I would not buy something like this, no matter how good the plugin or code is.

    Paying a one-time-fee for the plugin and another one-time-fee for an upgrade is O.K.

    Mike Pratt


    I also don’t have any problem paying but agree that the business model is anti-user. In addition, there’s something not quite right with this Given their dedication to the BP/WPMU community and all that’s going on, you’d think they’d be right in the thick of these discussions but all I hear are crickets from the WPMU team. I know they’ll say “but we’re so active commenting on our own site” Yea, well the bigger conversation is here and if we aren’t your potential customer base, who is?



    Sorry to drudge up an old thread, but I’m having trouble getting this to install. I’m trying to use a regular WP install and not MU. If I upload it as per the read me it doesn’t even show up in the plugin page. If I upload the second bp-events folder, it identifies it on the plugin page, it just gives me a fatal error when trying to activate.

    I’m guessing this might be a result of the plugin not being updated post merge. From reading other threads it doesn’t sound like this plugin is updated that frequently, if at all, so where does that leave things?



    That’s because BP-Events is not compatible with BP 1.2, and the status of the project is delayed:



    Hey Mike, somewhere around the end of this video ( you said that an events component is being developed which is going to be fabulous. Were you talking about bp-events?

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